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Official Review: Triune by M.J. Harris

Please use this sub-forum to discuss any non-fiction books such as autobiographies or political commentary books.

Official Review: Triune by M.J. Harris

Post Number:#1 by omshanti 1
» 16 Dec 2012, 16:10

[Following is the official review of "Triune" by M.J. Harris.]

I reviewed the book Triune by M.J. Harris. This book is basically the authors own account of his thoughts and experiences on the subject of life, spirituality and religion. The main theme of the book is to have faith, and with God, everything will be overcome.

As a seeker of faith and spirituality myself, I thought that I would enjoy this book, I enjoy reading about others experiences, thoughts and beliefs, and try to come to the subject with an open mind hoping to learn something each time. Unfortunately, I found this book lacked a cohesive flow. I feel like there was no beginning or end, the reader is just plunked down in the middle of the story, and I found it very hard to grasp the ideas being put across by the author because of this lack of flow.

I gave this book a 2 star rating because I also felt the book was a little on the preachy side. While I understand it is the authors own ideas being put forth, I felt the books tone to be a little too commanding for my taste. I enjoyed the opening of the book where the author states that “each individual life is a Universe. Each Universe is connected to other lives.” However, other parts of the book I found confusing.

There is a part where the author is describing what I believe is a near death experience, but it took me at least two paragraphs to figure out that this was what was happening, and the author never confirms that this is what he is describing, so the reader can only assume this is what is happening. The whole vignette is a little too vague for my taste and the author seems to fluctuate between this vagueness and concrete commandments throughout the book.

While this book is divided into distinct chapters, I feel the author needs to find more direct language to get his ideas across within each chapter. I am left wanting a bit more clarity from this book. While this book was not a terrible read, I did not find it really enjoyable, so would probably not recommend it to others. I rate it 2 out of 4 stars.

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