Did you find this book humorous?

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Melisa Jane
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Did you find this book humorous?

Post by Melisa Jane »

This is a discussion topic for the February 2024 Book of the Month, "Beyond the Golden Door: Seeing the American Dream Through an Immigrant's Eyes" by Ali Master.

Did you find this book humorous?
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Cristina-Ioana Toader
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Post by Cristina-Ioana Toader »

The book certainly contains humorous moments that effortlessly brought a smile to my face. For instance, there's the amusing episode with the vending machine where he stood waiting expectantly, not realizing he needed to press a button to get a can of Coke. Then there's the visit to McDonald's, where the author insightfully captures why such a place is a wonderland for children. Many of his observations comparing life in Pakistan with life in America are humorously sketched. These moments aren't about inducing uproarious laughter but rather, they gently coax a smile, leaving you feeling somewhat joyous for the author's successful transition to a country where life seemed better for him.
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Nenye Lauraa
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Post by Nenye Lauraa »

I wouldn't say it was super humorous or hilarious to me, but it put smiles on my face throughout reading it. I am very happy I came across it though.
Diala Macak
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Post by Diala Macak »

I listened to the audiobook and I like listening to his inner thoughts. He was able to talk about a serious topic in a non-offensive way while adding elements of humor here and there.
Williams Nnodim
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Post by Williams Nnodim »

The book's humorous moments effortlessly bring smiles, like the vending machine incident and the McDonald's visit. Comparisons between Pakistan and America gently coax smiles, showcasing the author's successful transition.
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Surabhi Rani
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Post by Surabhi Rani »

Yes, the memoir was light and amusing, revealing the myths and beliefs of the Muslim culture. I liked the author's sense of humor in describing his early life and childhood events in Pakistan. Also, the author describes the serious theme of the book of the insecurities faced by a member of the minority community in America in such a light and entertaining manner that readers feel inclined to build a solid and positive opinion about the book.
Fanny Lebura Ueh
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Post by Fanny Lebura Ueh »

The narrative was enriched with occasional moments of humor, adding a delightful touch, in my opinion. This infusion of lightheartedness made the reading experience all the more enjoyable.
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Post by britcott30 »

For me, it‘s not like I laughing out loud when I read it, but more like smiling. I like the humor in this book and makes it more enjoyable to read.
Wemby Jordan
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Post by Wemby Jordan »

I enjoyed reading this book particularly for its humor. It was subtle and it would take an experience humour reader to get it.
Orb Pete
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Post by Orb Pete »

The humor in the book was woven into the storyline. I don't think everyone would get it. I found it humorous.
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Post by passionatereader2 »

I just bought the book and came here to see what people are saying about this book. Great to hear that there are also some humourous content in this book.
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