What is the role of the reader in interpreting these poems?

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What is the role of the reader in interpreting these poems?

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This is a discussion topic for the November 2023 Book of the Month, Artwords by Beatriz M. Robles

What is the role of the reader in interpreting these poems?
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The role of the reader is critical in interpreting poetry, as each reader brings their own unique experiences, perspectives, and biases to the text. This means that there is no single "correct" interpretation of a poem and that each reader will find their own meaning in the words.

Active Reading

When reading poetry, it is important to be an active reader. This means paying close attention to the language of the poem, including the choice of words, the use of imagery, and the overall structure of the poem. It is also important to consider the context of the poem, such as the time period in which it was written and the poet's life and experiences.

Personal Connections

Readers should also consider their own personal connections to the poem. What does the poem make you think of? What emotions does it evoke? How does it relate to your own life experiences? By making these personal connections, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the poem's meaning.

Multiple Interpretations

It is important to remember that there is no single "correct" interpretation of a poem. Different readers may find different meanings in the same text. This is because poetry is often open to interpretation, and the meaning of the poem can be subjective.

Enjoy the Process

The most important thing is to simply enjoy the process of reading poetry. Let yourself be moved by the words and allow the poem to speak to you on its own terms. There is no need to rush to find a meaning; the meaning will come to you in time.
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When it comes to poems in general the role of the reader is most fundamental. As opposed to classical stories, poems have a way of having multiple interpretations, all of which have their truth. This book is no different. Poems help open the mind of the reader and think more!
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