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Re: New BBcode to Post Links to Amazon or BookCloseOuts

Post by Scott »

Yes and no. I believe the ASIN is the same internationally. So if you pull the ASIN of 0141036141 from[ then use it with the bbcode the link will go to which is still the page for the same book but not on the version of Amazon. This may create an inconvenience if you then live in the UK and wish to buy the book or interact with your amazon account, but otherwise it will still be useful for the function of specifying which version of a book someone to which one is referring.

I hope in the future to provide more complete international functionality to this BBcode so that uses one's location setting to determine which version of Amazon to link.
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Post by pawpoint »

Thanks Scott, you are a great help

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Post by Trcapro »

Scott, great idea! I know i'm constantly searching Amazon for new reads and this should same some time for all of us.
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Post by thietkelogo »

Great Scott, it is very useful for my SEO

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Post by katesolomon »

Thanks for making such a helpful post. Adding links is always an issue , this will be really helpful for those who want to add links.

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Post by officefurniture9 »

This is great i like these bbc cods on amazon these are great thanks :)

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Post by audrey_clark »

This is a great tip. How would I use it on this site?

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Post by Arianna »

Thank you very much for the nice and very helpful information. The information about new BBcode is very helpful and useful for me. Thanks again.

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Post by shela »

It great, thanks for the codes. it is really helpful

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Post by Anti-Viurss »

Thanks for sharing this informative post, its really help me to post link on Amazon.

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Post by The Researcher »

Can't the link of a book review on OBC be posted on amazon by the reviewer. Is there a provision for that?
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Post by Sal the Gal »

Great, I'll give it a try.

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Post by irenejacob »

thank you for your valuable information

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Post by Ese22osa »

Hi Scott,
How do I post a link to my review on my Facebook page. Is it same method as the above BBcodes. I did not set amazon in my preference what do I do.

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Post by Amondi Oluoch »

Scott wrote:
23 Sep 2011, 20:25
I have created some new custom BBcode that enables you to easily post a link to a product on Amazon using the ASIN (Amazon Store Inventory Number).

The most useful part about this new feature is that it enables even new users to post links to book. To prevent spam, users cannot post links or URLs until they have 10 posts AND have been registered for at least 7 days. Any attempt will automatically be blocked. Luckily new users can still use the Amazon BBcode tags to create links. While usually there is no need to post links especially for a new user, there are some exceptions such as when a person needs to identify which version of a book they intend to refer. In any case, I am glad to offer the ability for even new users to post links to books on Amazon.

How to Post Links to Amazon

First you need to get the ASIN number. This is 10 digit alphanumeric (mostly numbers) string that you can find in the URL of the detail or product page of the book or item. As far as I know, it is always in the dynamic part of the URL, i.e. it is always before the question mark in the URL if there is a question mark. In the case of the book, it is usually the old 10-digit ISBN number of the book. For instance, if I go to Amazon and search for 1984 in books, the first thing that comes up is the 2003 release of Nineteen Eighty-Four by Deckle Edge in Paperback. Clicking on that brings me to the page of the book at the following URL:

Code: Select all
The ASIN of that particular item is 0452284236.

Thus, to post a link to that particular edition/version of 1984 I could use any of the following codes:

Code: Select all

[amazon=0452284236]"1984" by George Orwell[/amazon]

[amazon=0452284236][i]1984[/i] by George Orwell[/amazon]

[amazon=0452284236]Check out 1984 on Amazon![/amazon]
Those codes display as:

"1984" by George Orwell

1984 by George Orwell

Check out 1984 on Amazon!

Basically, you can put whatever text you want between the opening tag and closing tag; whatever text you put between the tags will be linked to the item specified by ASIN in the opening tag. Note, you need to put in a correct ASIN for it to work properly.

Any Questions or problems?

If you have any trouble using these BBcodes, encounter any errors, can't figure it out or just need help, please post a reply in this topic or send me a PM explaining the issue with as much detail as possible.

Hi Scott
I think I'm having a big problem with this. The links, where to they apply, in posting of the reviews or?!
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