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Links and Info for New Members

Posted: 02 Sep 2018, 22:03
by Gravy
Links and info for New Members

Comments copied from anywhere, whether from another members' post, or from off-site, are not allowed. Posting plagiarized comments will result in a warning, and possibly the banning of your account.

Copying comments on the BOTD's posts for the Giveaway will result in disqualification and a warning for a start. Repeating it will result in a ban from the site.

Issues with the Review Team are handled via the Review Team Page only, NOT via the Contact Page. If you need another copy of the review book, you should ask for it via your Update tab. If you want to quit the book or ask for an extension, you do so via your Update tab as well.

The method outlined on the ban notice is the only way to appeal a ban from the Review Team or the Shelves.

If you can't leave an Amazon review, you should update your Preferences to reflect that.

If you clicked on the author option by error, you should choose the "I am not an author" option on the Contact Form page. This should remove you from the author group and reinstate your reviewer status.

  • Site rules can be found here:
    Topic Creation Guidelines
    And here:
    Strict Anti-Spam Rules
    Please note that these rules apply to all members, not just authors.
  • Help with verifying your email (please follow the instructions from the first post of this thread):
    Email Verification
    If your email address is spelled wrong, please contact us with the correct email (via the Contact Form, a link to which is provided below), and an Admin will change it for you.
  • Site FAQs:
    • If you are interested in the Review Team, the FAQs explain about the Review Team and how to join.
    • Alternatively, if you wish to delete your account, but encounter an error when selecting that option on the Contact form (a link to which is below), the FAQs explain how to do so successfully.
  • Messages sent from the Contact form go directly to the mods:
    Contact form
    Please note that the reply will come in the form of a Private Message.
    Sending another message because you've failed to check your PMs will result in a warning telling you to check your PMs.

Links and info for new Review Team members

Soliciting views or comments from other members, via Private Messages or asking for them in comments, counts as spamming and self-promotion and is against the rules.

Please note that repeatedly posting links to your review, even without explicitly making a request, also counts as spamming.

It is against the rules to create duplicate accounts. Accounts created for the sole purpose of commenting only on a Review Team member's reviews and boost his popularity are not allowed and will lead to the banning of those accounts.

Books on Bookshelves cannot be read or downloaded and are just for show. Your Review Team page explains where and how to get review books.
PayPal is currently the only method of payment.

Reviewers should note that the formatting of the review will appear glitched as it goes through the editing process. This is completely normal and, once published in the public forums, the review will be back to how it looked when you previewed it.

Your History tab will show you the status of the review as well as tell you whether the review was approved or rejected.

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