CTMH genre?

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Re: CTMH genre?

Post by Zybykes56 »

Thank you for asking this. I have a similar question. Where do I find a listing if the Genre codes?

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Post by Alilivbo »

Thanks so much!! I'll try to avoid that ><
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Post by BookWorm0911 »

Definitely NOT a stupid question! Thanks for being the first to ask =]

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Post by hasincla »

OMG I just googled this question because I had no idea! Now I am informed. Thanks everyone!

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Post by banevius »

Was going to ask myself, but glad I found a response on here already.

I was originally thinking it stood for "Close To My Heart"..... boy was I wrong :lol2:

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Post by nursekellyb »

I am new and late to the party, but thanks for asking this question...and thanks for the answer too!

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Post by Robynleblanc »

I was stumped on this abbrev also...thanks for asking!

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Post by Annie2019 »

I wondered too. Thanks for this!
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Merrill Vinson
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Post by Merrill Vinson »

Gravy wrote:
05 May 2018, 20:57
It is a grouping of Crime, Thriller, Mystery, and Horror. :tiphat:
Thank you for this. I just started today and was wondering the same.

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Post by Lhammamy »

I didn't know what does it mean but I've read one book that was offered in this genre and absolutely loved it. Thank you for clarifying.

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