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Re: Possibly getting an App

Post by palilogy »

I love hearing about the possibility of adding an app =)
I think that would really help with the community boards and along with website ease.
Looking forward to it!!

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Post by ms07 »

When I first joined, I immediately searched for an app in the app store. Making an app is a great idea!

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Post by pixiequeer »

As a new user, I am wondering the same. I only have an Android phone, as I had to pawn my laptop a few months ago. Typing reviews on my phone, as well as in popular forums, is hell and makes my keyboard lag. Overall, I will say this website is not so friendly to strictly mobile users, and I would love to make more use of the forums, but only being on an Android phone almost makes that impossible. I submitted a review today and it took over an hour to type simply because of the laggy interface on a mobile device's keyboard.

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Post by ultraboss »

Having an app is a great idea because navigation would be easier if there was an app... guess we need an app :wink:

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Post by Jennifer Fernandez »

I agree with you. An app would be great. Also, I would add the site needs to be updated. It still looks like a 90's forum. Maybe some new designs would make thing a little bit easier.
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Post by Juliar252 »

I agree completely! An app would make this way more convenient and might attract a wider audience. It would be especially cool if the app had scanning technology so books could be added to your bookshelf by scanning the barcode or cover page.

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Post by Eclecticmama »

I'm sad to see this website isn't an app yet, and that the kickstarter didn't meet it's goal. Any updates on the possibility of revisiting app creation for Online Book Club?

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Post by colorsparkle »

I’m all for an app! I think it could really help this website grow its community and get noticed.

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Post by mledmonds »

I love this site and I am excited about doing more reviews, but I agree it would be awesome to have an app for the phone. Blessings!!

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Post by Kister Bless »

I agree with the idea of developing an app for this site because it will make it grow even more
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Post by WardahEbrahim »

I agree, would really help navigation and updating as well as forum participation.

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Post by quirky_scorpio »

I'm even ready to sign a petition for it!!! :lol:
Please try to launch an app. It would really be helpful....

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Post by Gravy »

This is on the list of future features to be implemented and has been for awhile. There's just not a "quick fix" for it (especially if you want it to work :lol: ). :tiphat:
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Post by Wambui-nj »

Totally agree. An APP would help a lot.

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Post by Noosh »

I know so many people have already said what I'm about to say but still:

An app would be amazing!
I mean, first day here I did search for the app on my phone and it was a bummer that I didn't find one. The point is, with an app, participating in discussions and being more active in general would be easier. So... yeah! App! App! App! :D
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