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Re: Possibly getting an App

Post by MrsGreenApple »

I love this idea! Getting an app would help so much because I’ve always felt like they’re easier to use and navigate. I didn’t know that they had attempted to do this previously. I hope some day it can work out and the idea hasn’t been tossed away.
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Post by Fasmin »

MrsCatInTheHat wrote: 13 Sep 2020, 17:44
male_azarke wrote: 13 Sep 2020, 14:40 I agree it's a pity that the Kickstarter has failed. An app would make things so much easier! I hope they try to design it again one day.
I don't think there has been a Kickstarter for this.

There has been. Scott said so and provided a link. So, if it's failed IS the app still being developed.
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Post by Suzer6440 xyz »

Omg,! An app would be awesome. But if you visit the site enough, it will come up first thing on your phone or iPad as the place you frequently go to.
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Post by angelmuktar »

I completely agree with this comment! When I first signed up, I instantly went to look up this site in the Apple store. I was extremely disappointed when I found out that they did not have an app. There are so many reasons for this site to have an app, but one of the main reasons for me, personally, would that it would be so much easier to download my books on my phone or tablet and just carry them around with me whenever I am on the go.
Do not get me wrong, I love having it on my laptop. But for someone who does not own a Kindle, my phone is the closest thing I have to a portable book:)
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Post by Liveforchrist51 »

An App would be absolutely awesome! I get this site several times a day to do forums or check my score. It would be great to just have to click on an app.
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Post by Jessica Harrison 1 »

Mbarnes wrote: 14 Jul 2016, 17:43 So far I have really enjoyed being a part of this site and getting to see all of the ins and outs of it. My only thing is that I dont like having to continuosly go to the internet to get to the website. I think it would be extremly cool to have an app that can be downloaded accross the board on different devices. I know that the most popular in my opinion are android, Iphones, and kindles. I personally own a kindle and I believe that having an app would make it more appealing to get into the sight and get things done.
Yes! I just joined online book club and I've been thinking I would *love* an app so I don't have to keep going to my laptop. I've tried using the website on my phone through my internet browser but it just doesn't work very well.
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