Possibly getting an App

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Re: Possibly getting an App

Post by gali »

As was said above, it is planned.
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Post by TJaxx246 »

Oh having an app would be so helpful! I actually looked for an app when I found Online Book Club. I wrote reviews on the Goodreads app so it would be nice for this site to have an app as well.

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Post by Dan_Wellock »

Having an app would definitely make use of the Online Book Club so much easier. Posting forum replies, checking scores, and looking at giveaways would all fit in my pocket. Apps always make systems easier. Developing an app might be difficult and maybe a little pricy, but with the combined help of the community, it could be done. Maybe admin should even think about opening some donations too. Who knows? I feel an app coming sometime in the future though.

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Post by Blu1983 »

As a new member I also find it difficult to constantly be going back into my email to obtain the link, an app would be perfect.

I agree

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Post by Wanja Hannah »

I wish the app would go through. Apps are much easier to access and operate.
Wanja Kenya

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Post by peter Novler »

oooooh yeaaah!I can't wait to see an app for the book club. It would be easier and flexible to operate with the club activities.

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Post by Tiny_Turtle »

Until an app can be developed, I put a Shortcut on my phone's Home Screen. Using Chrome: I went to the OnlineBookClub Giveaway page, clicked on the three dots on the right upper corner, selected Add to Home Screen, and now I can get to the website with one tap on the screen. Opening to the Giveaway page seemed like a good idea so that I can get that done before I get sidetracked by something interesting and forget to enter.

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Post by Tobewankenobe »

Hi! I wonder why people didn't like the app navigation. I'm finding the website navigation to be really difficult, I can't imagine the app being harder.

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Post by Anonymus »

I think an app would be great! They should at least add a bookshelf app where you can look at books and add them to your bookshelves! They might make it a bit simpler, for example, just a review page, bookshelf page, and a page where you can download a new book!

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Post by Wordlessly »

Being a new user, I've found it a bit tedious to navigate through the website. An app would make life so much easier as there are so many interesting things to do on here.

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Post by MissTaekker »

I just signed up and I went looking for the APP and realized it does not exist yet... So I am looking forward to it being a reality one day.

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Post by male_azarke »

I agree it's a pity that the kickstarter has failed. An app would make things so much easier! I hope they try to design it again one day.

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Post by MrsCatInTheHat »

male_azarke wrote:
13 Sep 2020, 14:40
I agree it's a pity that the kickstarter has failed. An app would make things so much easier! I hope they try to design it again one day.
I don't think there has been a kickstarter for this.
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Post by Yvonne Monique »

I am not sure whether an App is still in the planning, but it would be a great way of connecting to OBC whilst out and about. Not everybody has always access to a PC. The website might be a bit to complex to fit entirely in an App but it could contain the more essential parts.

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Post by car-mbz »

I think an app would be really awesome. I hope the idea of developing an app is still on.
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