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Re: Email Verification Help

Post by Katbooks »


I have received the email to verify my email but there is no link inside the email, it appears blank. I have tried resending it three times and I keep recieving a blank email. Can someone suggest what the issue is please?


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Post by saragen »

I have received the email, but there is no link for me to click on when I open the email. I also don't know how to contact my email provider.

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Post by Mrsglass1221 »

I have Outlook and it sent the email but there is no link in the body. I can
screenshot it if you need

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Kristiana Kumpunen
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Post by Kristiana Kumpunen »

I just submitted a formal complaint on this matter, but I will reiterate on this platform to hopefully speed up the process. I've sent the verification email to myself three times, each time the message is successfully delivered yet with "This message has no content." as the only content. No link or other messages appear. Let me know if there is something I can do on my end. Thank you.

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Post by TutorGirlCheyenne »

I am not able to verify my email address for the review team. Your domain isn't blocked. I've received emails from Online Book Club. The verification email was sent to me on November 12th at 4:59 am est.
I was able to verify it a moment ago for the Book of the Month, but still cannot verify it for the Review Team page. I have not navigated away from the page it takes me to. Online Book Club is an approved sender. Since I'm receiving other emails from that email address, it doesn't appear to be a domain blocking issue. I did however look up the troubleshooting info from my provider. My email address is correct. I've tried opening the link on android and iPad. I still have the original verification email as well as other emails, so it's not a spam folder issue either. It's subtracting 10 points on my score due to this.

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Post by bookreviews1 »

Have gotten the same Email, haven't been able to fix that yet. What do you do?

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Post by gali »

I will tag @Scott for you.
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Post by Scott »

MrsS wrote:
04 Dec 2019, 01:58
At first, I did not get an email to verify my email address. So I clicked on the link and had it resend it to me. Then the email showed up in my inbox, which was great! However, when I opened the email, there was nothing there. There are no words and there is no link to click on. I clicked on the resend button again, and the same thing happened. The emailed showed up, but there is nothing in the body of the email. So I am not sure what I need to do now.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Sorry for the trouble. Please forward the blank email, or even better the full source code of the blank email) to me with a brief recap of the issue at:

Thank you,
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Post by DrPatti8454 »

I would like to be reinstated. I will kook for a "please verify" email. Thank you.

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Post by silvafaerie »

I also had a problem with this. Every time I looked at my score it was showing that my email wasn't verified. I was sure that I had verified when I first got the email. Turns out, I just needed to click, 'recalculate the score', and it showed that I was verified. Easy, but I was frustrated for a while.

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Post by wildredberry »

Got it.

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Post by Tobewankenobe »

My email verification was easy, but for those having trouble this is a very clear guide!

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Post by imswarup1 »

That was done quicker that expected, Thank You.

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Post by Timiap27 »

Okay! I totally understand.

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Post by Marwaabde »

Done :D

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