Have you ever been paid for the reviews

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Have you ever been paid for the reviews

Post by OTB » 02 Sep 2013, 09:50

Okay so I joined this site since I Love reading and would like to get paid. I liked the concept though, so far the site has neither asked me for an account number for direct credit to my account nor for my address. Somehow makes me doubt if they will pay. Has any one ever been paid for writing reviews?

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Post by melakkari » 02 Sep 2013, 11:13

I haven't because I'm still at level zero. You have to have a specific number of posts and reviews in order to review books. Play around in the User Control Panel to look for the areas where you can set your preferences and see the review requirements. Also, keep posting so that you can rack up.

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Post by Starmy » 02 Sep 2013, 11:38

I like this idea. Its a nice bit of extra income and you get to do something WORTHWHILE in the process!

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Post by Scott » 02 Sep 2013, 12:01

For those who are already part of the review team, please go to the Review Team Page and for more detailed information regarding the process and payouts and to manage your account.

For those who have not yet joined the team, but are interested, please see the proper section of this FAQ:


As to the particular question about payment, they are sent by PayPal. We will also ask you for your address, unless you only want to read ebooks, but not for payments but to mail you copies of books if needed. The collection and submission of this kind of information is handled through the review team page as the main site and registration has many features and uses other than the review team and many members who are not interested in doing reviews and many members who have been here long before we started the review team. Namely, many people join the site just to talk about books and reading.
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Post by laura_askew88 » 03 Sep 2013, 16:03

You definitely get paid I can vouch for that. You just have to look around your user control panel and find where you set everything up. It's really nice. Obviously I'm not swimming in the dough, but the little extra helps my family a lot during these harsh economic times. :)

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Post by Starmy » 03 Sep 2013, 16:45

laura_askew88 wrote:Obviously I'm not swimming in the dough, but the little extra helps my family a lot during these harsh economic times. :)
Of course. Every little helps! :D

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Post by Megan Young » 04 Sep 2013, 19:11

Im in love with this website! Im so happy I stumbled across it.

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Post by Zannie » 06 Sep 2013, 22:41

I have been thinking about joining. But just practicing for now while I learn how to write them. I am using the Official reviews on here to learn.

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Post by nan m » 12 Sep 2013, 13:15

They ask for an email address which is sufficient to pay via paypal. Of course you should have a paypal account.

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Post by Misaela » 17 Sep 2013, 04:15

I have done 3 paid reviews, and am on my 4th one. They do pay, but most reviews are free.

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Post by taylorhudson310 » 18 Sep 2013, 13:09

You have to increase your level to have access to the paid books to review but I'm working my way there.

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Post by booklover101 » 02 Oct 2013, 23:18

I have not been paid yet but that is because i'm at level zero and haven't reviewed any books yet. you need to go to user control panel

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Post by MagicofBooks86 » 06 Oct 2013, 15:15

Thanks for all the info! Glad I hit this thread. I wasn't sure if this was some sort of scam website (I've hit plenty of those in the past months saying they'll pay but they don't). So I'm glad to hear that you do get paid at some point. I'm currently unemployed so why not get paid for writing book reviews which is something I love to do. That's basically all I sit around doing is reading books, haha!

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Fiona R
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Post by Fiona R » 06 Dec 2013, 22:24

This site is like a dream because I love spending my free time reading

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Post by Enigma » 07 Dec 2013, 07:31

Still waiting to get paid for my review. Three weeks ago and I've sent Scott two PM's
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