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Use this forum to discuss the Amazon's Kindle. This is the forum for you if you are deciding whether or not to buy a Kindle, deciding which Kindle to buy, or you already have a Kindle and need help doing something on it, need support or otherwise just want to talk about Kindles.
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Re: Kindle and Amazon Kindle App

Post by Erik » 05 Jan 2017, 06:37

I have an iPad with the Kindle app. I prefer multi-function devices rather than single-use, so I doubt I'd ever buy an ebook reader. With the iPad, I can purchase books, read them, read audiobooks, use the internet, text, write, etc.. cannot do all that with just an ebook reader.
I've never found the iPad screen tough on the eyes, and I'm in my 50s, so my vision is not at all perfect. I spend most of my day in front of some sort of screen (desktop, laptop, large-screen television used as a monitor, iPad, iPhone), and I find the iPad better than most for not contributing badly to eye strain. I think the worst would be my laptop.

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Post by sherriska--22 » 05 Jan 2017, 09:31

I use both the kindle app on my iphone and the kindle paperwhite. I have hundreds of ARCS on my kindle at any given time and actually prefer to use the app on my phone when I am looking for a particular title(to see if I already have a copy). I do this daily when reading online reviews or publisher's upcoming lists, etc. For actual reading though I prefer the kindle simply because it feels easier to hold and I get more words on the page.

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Post by patrickt » 13 Jan 2017, 10:11

I'm just joining the others. I have Kindles and the app on my phone. The app on the phone is strictly for emergencies, quite rare, when I'm stranded without a Kindle. Since my Kindle rides in my daypack or in my pants pocket I'm rarely without it.

I do all of my book browsing and ordering on my computer. I find differences in using the phone and the Kindle, of course, but not in capability.

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Post by winet1965 » 16 Jan 2017, 19:25

I love Kindle, primarily because I can buy the new books from new authors from it. They do great reviews also which helps you in your book selection.

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Post by papaya12 » 19 Jan 2017, 13:49

If your kindle is just an e reader then it's not much different from the app except that it doesn't hurt you eyes, isn't so small, (if like me your kindle app is on your phone) doesn't take up precious phone space, and looks more like a book. However, if you get a Kindle Fire, then you can listen to music, watch movies, go on the internet, and read. It's basically a cheaper Ipad that doesn't force you to open up an app to get to you kindle books.

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Post by Frachiah » 19 Jun 2017, 17:54

I have an Amazon Kindle App that allows me to purchase books directly from amazon and makes it really easy for me.

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