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Use this forum to discuss the Amazon's Kindle. This is the forum for you if you are deciding whether or not to buy a Kindle, deciding which Kindle to buy, or you already have a Kindle and need help doing something on it, need support or otherwise just want to talk about Kindles.
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Post by gilbertcross » 10 Jun 2008, 15:17

I'm just not suited to something like the Kindle. I estimate that it would take me about 2 weeks to break it (not intentionally).

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Post by KrystenRB » 13 Feb 2013, 01:00

i love my kindle fire!!! its light and can be takin anywhere to read a book

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Post by kaylahar6 » 20 Jan 2014, 11:36

I have a kindle and I really enjoy it! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Post by scottchisem » 30 Jan 2014, 11:14

Should I get a Nook or a Kindle? How is Kindle better? Just curious

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Post by gladeslibrarian » 30 Jan 2014, 14:50

I got a Nook HD+ rather than the Kindle Fire for two primary reasons: I can download books in many formats, even Kindle books. It has an SD Memory card slot so you can increase the memory capabilities. Hope this helps!

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Post by Ian » 21 Feb 2014, 18:10

Kindles are great, but you can not beat a hardback book in your hands.

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Post by JessicaAnn123 » 07 Jan 2015, 22:19

I love my kindle. I am able to read so many different books, even comic books. But it is still wonderful to hold an actual book in my hands. Actually turn the pages and hear them crinkle. I do recommend a kindle, but don't forget the way it feels to hold and read a real book.

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Post by pochnae » 20 Jan 2015, 12:49

Ian wrote:Kindles are great, but you can not beat a hardback book in your hands.
The feeling of a book, the turning of the pages, and the smell... it is irreplaceable. But at the same time, the kindle makes everything so much more easy. So I disagree.

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This is the question of the century, isn't it? It all depends on so many things. The fact of the matter is a real book costs incredibly little. However, e-Books cost less. A kindle is great for not only books, though. In the HD format its the best thing for comics, newspapers, magazines, and even forums like this. It's also by far the best option if you plan on commuting with it. It's size just makes everything so much easier. On the topic of easy, it's easier to read as you can adjust the text, it's easier to make notes, and you can check on the definition of any word just by holding your finger down on it. If you want something a little bit more than just books, I'd suggest the iPad mini. The full iPad is a bit big for an e-reader, but it is truly still a good option. If you are much more oriented around books on the e-reader, than a paper white or a nook is the one for you.

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Post by Swanson2295 » 03 May 2015, 13:06

I have owned a kindle fire for four years and absolutely love it. I have found lots of books that I have absolutely loved (even if they aren't the current "it" books). A piece of advice though. Get the warranty the charging port like to break. Amazon has always been extremely helpful though and replaced my kindle with no problems.

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Post by zanderlyrose » 31 May 2015, 18:57

I absolutely love my kindle fire. It has had almost all of the books I have wanted to purchase.

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Post by mochababy70 » 11 Nov 2017, 14:53

For reading, nothing is better than the Amazon Kindle Paper White.

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