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Kenesha L Fowler
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Post by Kenesha L Fowler »

In chapter five where Rusk talks about courage, he included some of his father’s experiences. Stan Rusk, after working with a company for some time, was ready for new challenges. He went to the corporate office to meet with some executives to inquire about running his own store. They turned him down flat based on his lack of a college degree. Instead of backing down, he pointed out his years of work experience and his track record of successfully training company workers (some who already had college degrees, no less). He was subsequently given the chance to prove himself. I imagine this is something that happens often enough, where you know you can do the job (or have been doing related tasks), but aren’t given the position because you didn’t spend whatever amount of years studying the subject at college. Has this ever happened to you or someone you know? How did you, or they, deal with the situation?
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Kayla Archer
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Post by Kayla Archer »

I was inspired by this story. I am a people pleaser, so when someone tells me I don't have the qualifications, I most likely would walk away discouraged. This father stood up for himself and pointed out his qualities. Because he was courageous and bold, he got the job! I aspire to be more bold and courageous and share my qualities, even if they don't fit the mold. Maybe, just maybe, those qualities will break the mold, much like Rusk's father did. What an inspiration!
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Leslie Kunde
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Post by Leslie Kunde »

Yes! This happened to me. Unfortunately I could not convince them I could do it. I have went to college for micro biology, but ended up in a vastly different line of work. I ended up quitting the job and started over in another new field. I learned book binding and ended up running the department. My boss at the book shop said practical knowledge was better than book learning.
Pauline Parnell
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Post by Pauline Parnell »

Yes, I know of someone who was turned down for a teaching job because she never had the academic qualifications. However, she did not give up. She started her own company which did extremely well and was successful. After three years, the company reached out to her and offered her a job. The proof was in the pudding.
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Alice Fu
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Post by Alice Fu »

There was a situation a few months back where I found myself applying for something that I didn't have the proper credits for. It was truly a difficult situation that I was unsure how to deal with. However, I did my best and worked around to explain other qualifications of mine to show why I belonged in the place I was applying to
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Jennifer Coxon
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Post by Jennifer Coxon »

This happened to my ex. He went for a position and the team really liked him and were willing to take him on. However, as he was unqualified they were going to pay him less than the uni graduates they were taking on. Seems fair. Until when actually working on the job, my ex understood and picked up the job faster than the grads and started to work ahead of them. Thankfully the management team recognised this and within a few months increased his salary in line.
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