Student fragility and the Government sovereignty.

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Matilda jack
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Student fragility and the Government sovereignty.

Post by Matilda jack »

While reading Wild World and its first review, It occured to me that students are mosttimes on the receiving end of whatever thing that the government does. If a war, strike, or shutdown is declared by the government (irrespective of the country), the students' life trajectory will be greatly affected to the point of death. In respect to the killing of students within this book, what do you think?
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Mari Inez
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Post by Mari Inez »

I agree that students are greatly, and often times directly affected by government actions. I think the setting of the book is great example of a time in which this was very true. It is not always so directly violent, but the effects and the degree are just as severe.
Oyedeji Funmilayo
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Post by Oyedeji Funmilayo »

You are right with your assertions. Most especially in under-developed and developing countries the situation it is worse due to the lack of a working system. In respect to the killings in this book the story is the same. Students are most times on the receiving end of whatever actions the government takes and this have affected a lot of destinies.
Sumto Nii
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Post by Sumto Nii »

In my country, the government hates protests and anything that tends to point out their misdeeds. As a former student leader, I was arrested and intimidated by the government. All they wanted was to gag me. When they can't gag you, they unleash violence. I have led protests where we were beaten and molested by security agents on the orders of government. So, in my country, student unionism is an attack on the government.
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Bertha Jackson
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Post by Bertha Jackson »

I lived during this era, and I remember the atrocities that occurred. There was no reason for these four students to be murdered. I am curious to see if this book tries to justify these killings.
Bertha R. Jackson :D
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Post by Sally77motors »

I agree with you, just like the case in Nigeria. Students are on strike because of the poor decisions made by the government. Most wars begin from the people in power, they take out their beefing on their counterparts and in the process, the country suffers and the students suffer also. Because there cannot be any form of education in a state of war.
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Nganyi Humphrey
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Post by Nganyi Humphrey »

I would like to concur with you. This is in respect to the fact that most of the students have nothing that will help them in survival and additionally they have not yet quite developed to the status of being independent most especially psychologically and look up to adults for guidance. It therefore lies upon the grown ups to lead well and among them include the leaders.
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Vidhi Adhikari
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Post by Vidhi Adhikari »

The innocent ones being affected by large scale political mishappening is still a prevalent issue today. It should not be the case but there is still a lack of proper management.
Summer Henrietta
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Post by Summer Henrietta »

You are absolutely right. Every action the government takes directly or indirectly affects the students. Though it is not always this violent whereby students are killed but the level of effects it has certainly needs a check to it. Ths book is just an example of what happens in the society today.
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Post by Eliwamala »

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that students are wonderful individuals who are regularly affected by the policy decisions made by their government. In my perspective, the time period that is portrayed in the book is one in which the aforementioned phrase resonates especially true. Even if there isn't an obvious physical confrontation every time, the stakes and the tension remain consistently high.
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Post by Micah_1 »

I totally agree with you. This is because the students are politically handicapped that they are left with no other option than to succumb to whatever decision the government takes, mostly in under developed countries. This is evident currently in some countries.
The Nabongos Duchess
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Post by The Nabongos Duchess »

I think it's a difficult world for students especially when the older generation fails to understand them .Students seem not to be understood or even given enough room to express their feelings thus creating a gap in the society.I think they should be part of the process to avoid riots.
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Post by Stevenmusk »

Students for some reason are always at the receiving end of any event that affect the country politically and economically. Every war and strikes affects their future plans and careers. They are sometimes used a hostage’s in a lot of situations and I believe that this book represents these facts properly.
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Chimereucheya Okoroafo
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Post by Chimereucheya Okoroafo »

This book shows the translation of what occurs in reality. Like in most developing countries, students are forced to stay at home in the event of strikes even when the students have played their roles by paying fees. Also, in developed countries, school shootings are a result of poor decisions made by the government.
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T T 2
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Post by T T 2 »

I do agree with your statement. Be it direct or indirect, students are always the ones getting affected by the decisions made by the government. It is a sad reality.
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