Overall rating and opinion of "Wild World by Peter S. Rush.

Use this forum to discuss the August 2022 Book of the Month, "Wild World", by Peter S. Rush
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Melissa Jane
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Overall rating and opinion of "Wild World by Peter S. Rush.

Post by Melissa Jane »

This is a discussion topic for the August 2022 Book of the month, Wild World, by Peter S. Rush.

What is your overall opinion of the book? What do you like most about it? What do you like least? What did you think of the writing style? What genre is the book? What genres are woven into the text? What did you think of the cover and title? What was the greatest lesson you learned from the book? Will you recommend the book to other people? Why or why not?

Please remember to add your actual rating using the book's page on: Bookshelf.
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Ebi Robert
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Post by Ebi Robert »

Like I felt when reading the official review of this book, this stands out as nother book demonstrating the significance of activism.

Indeed, works have been written about the Vietnam war, but this work tilts to a different and quite a unique direction. It connects the readers to the act of solidarity and how it can be utilized to achieve world peace.

I believe a rating of four out of four stars is appropriate for this work.
Matilda jack
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Post by Matilda jack »

The author's writing style is unique. I love the plot, and I believe that this book will be a good read for me. Steve has a rough part ahead of him, and I love the characterization of this book. The Vietnam wr had a big effect, and it's good to read the author's perspective about the war. I'd rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.
Ammarah Azhar Khan
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Post by Ammarah Azhar Khan »

The review of the book was amzing but it also clearly portrays all the aspects of the book clearly. It is a very intense war book. This book shouls have a trigger warning as the book immediately stars with a shooting and killing scene. Some sensitive readers may be disturbed by it. I have also read many action books but this book is on another level therefore this book was too hard for me to read. This book is going to be a great read for people with interest in topics such as terrorism, war , history, political movements etc. I hope you read the review carefully before deciding to read the book.
This book is basically realted to Vietnam war.
I have not read the book therefore I am unable to give an honest rating but from the discription of events it is a solid 3.
Grace Kariuki N
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Post by Grace Kariuki N »

I have heard a lot about the Vietnam war. When I saw this book and read the review, I was excited to start reading it. The cover gives the right impression of what to expect. But I feel like the book uses very strong language. You can feel the anger and emotions running high right from the beginning.
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Post by Kyrian007 »

I appreciate the official review of Wild Life. I see that this war book is not like any other book. It describes each character's perspective on the war, and this adds to the interesting factor of the book.
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Post by Stevenmusk »

The concept of this book is a sensitive and yet realistic view of the Vietnam war. Every character has their aired perspective of their perceived reality and their mistakes and habits are very relatable and expressed. The book cover seems like the perfect fit as it represents one of the books major themes war and protest and so the 4 stars rating is well deserved.
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This book is really intense and gripping, by just really the bulb, it got me agape. The story also has a political narrative that is radical and controversial as well. Truly, after WW2, many things have changed and revolutionised the way we see things, like our freedom and the political debate at the intellectual level. This is what really interested me, though I could have got a copy.
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Post by Mar007 »

The book seems to suggest what happens when two opposing mindsets meet,each with their self interest to protect,Chaos'll bound to happen! Personally speaking,the review fuels one curiosity than the book graphic which gives impression of a boring book!Good job to the. Reviewers!
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Post by Kyrian007 »

There are many admirable aspects to this book, but just looking at the cover makes me want to read it or save it as phone wallpaper. The book's cover is illustrative and tells you what the book's concept revolves around. In this case, I would advise you to judge a book by its cover.
Sumto Nii
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Post by Sumto Nii »

I relate with this book personally as a former student leader. It is a beautiful book. The cover of the book is amazing. It tells a big story with images and portrays the content of the book excellently. The author's writing style is captivating. I love the theme of activism in the book. If I were to rate, I would give it a perfect rating.
Alyssa Wakefield
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Post by Alyssa Wakefield »

I think in terms of historical novels, the Vietnam War is not a popular subject, but this novel is able to communicate its underlying themes utilizing its events beautifully. I admire the characterization, and overall rate this book a 4 out of four stars.
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Post by Sally77motors »

From the cover, this book was set in the olden days when war was prevalent. This book is a historical fiction but with some interesting facts about the Vietnam war. And it was not just about the war but about the character Steve, his love life and the results and effects of his decision. Despite knowing the distaste his friends have for the police force because of its brutality, he goes ahead and joins the police force and his decision brought some difficulty to light with his friends and with himself. I think this book deserves a 4 out of 4 star rating, although I just read the sample and haven't really read the entire book. This book is best suited for historical fiction lovers who can handle the violence depicted in this book.
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Post by Eliwamala »

This author has a really unique tone to their writing. The plot is intriguing, and I believe that reading this book will be a pleasurable experience for me. My prediction is that Steve is going to have a tough go of things, and the characterization in this book is outstanding. It is fascinating to have the author's perspective on the events that transpired after the Vietnam War. Overall, I found the book to be quite enjoyable, and as a result, I awarded full marks. Four out of four stars.
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Post by Tosin-Le »

Books like this make me emotional. War and killings of this should be spoken against. I commend Steve for his braveness to stop the killings. I hope he was able to make himself happy in the end. The author's used a good descriptive style in their book and this was amazing. There was no part that I disliked. Readers of educative books would love this book.
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