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Use this forum to discuss the June 2022 Book of the Month, "WatchDogs Abnormal Beginnings", by Mike L Junior.
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Owuamanam Eberechukwu
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Lessons Learnt

Post by Owuamanam Eberechukwu »

What lesson did you learn from the book?

I learned that one should never give up. Even if everyone is against you, even if the odds seem totally against you, keep fighting. You might be lucky or you will be lucky. What other lessons did you learn?
"I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me."
Tracee Ellis Ross
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Post by Solstice2005 »

I learnt that vengeance, though sometimes frowned upon as a "negative" emotion, can prove to be an extremely motivating factor, especially when the feeling stems from hurt and betrayal.
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Post by Simmons32 »

I can’t say that I enjoyed the story, and don’t really feel like I learned anything. However, I guess one thing that could be taken away from it is that a person should keep going no matter what struggles they face. People should be willing to protect the ones they love no matter if it’s family, friends, or any other type of relationship. Anyone can be a family no matter if there is a blood relation or not.
Amiczy Heaven
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Post by Amiczy Heaven »

I learnt that although technology is good, we must be careful how we use it.
Ayesha Ameera Memon
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Post by Ayesha Ameera Memon »

This was such a great read. I learned how to be patient and resilient and to remind myself of my own strength and how much I can really achieve. I'm hoping to just work hard, have more faith in myself and keep going!
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Nwaka Chukwuemeka
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Post by Nwaka Chukwuemeka »

I learned that no matter the challenges that comes your way you should be determined to forge ahead and never allow your worries to bring you down for any reason.
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Post by Ozoab1 »

What is the gain of giving up? This is the question I ask myself everytime I'm at the verge of giving up and truly there is no gain. This book has also strengthened my mind towards never giving up because it doesn't pay to give up.
Elenimo Chembe
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Post by Elenimo Chembe »

The most important lesson in the book is determination. Despite being discriminated against, Kaarina and Monty do not lose hope and make it possible to join Berserkers Guild where at least they were welcome.
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Chimereucheya Okoroafo
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Post by Chimereucheya Okoroafo »

Kindness is a virtue that must be obtained in the society. What gain do we make by judging others because of the things that make them unique? Especially when they had no hand in deciding what they'd look like.
You have a life to live. If you ain't living it, that's failure. :tiphat:
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Post by Ibunyi »

I was once a vengeful person but I came to learn my lessons later in life. If you are able to ignore betrayal and hurt and forge forwards with your life, that would be the better path. Additionally, giving up is not always a wise choice.
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Post by Lily_flower_the_reader »

What I learnt from this book is that no matter how everyone goes against you, no matter how everything is against you. One thing you should do is to never give up
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Post by Reading_Jack »

You might not be accepted, you might be booed. But the most important thing is to keep your head up and keep on pushing.
That's what I learned.
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Post by julietmumbua23 »

I learned that when you seek vengeance, dig two graves.
Joan Aturinda
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Post by Joan Aturinda »

The one lesson that i learned is that one should never give up but rather keep moving forward even when everyone is against you.
Ozioma Miriam
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Post by Ozioma Miriam »

I agree with you. One must try not to give up. I also learned that most humans would always find it hard to accept a very different person. They might even get violent about it. Just like the hunting of the 'Abnormals' in the book.
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