EBook or Hardcopy?

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Re: EBook or Hardcopy?

Post by kayper » 13 Dec 2015, 18:31

I like both but nothing replaces the hardcopy

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Post by kevin125 » 14 Dec 2015, 16:19

I love hardcopy then E-book

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Ama Idim
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Post by Ama Idim » 28 Jul 2017, 03:05

I love hard copies...bt I need a new shelf
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Rey Juaton
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Post by Rey Juaton » 12 Aug 2017, 15:45

I really prefer ebook rather than hard copy. It's handy that's why I am always on the go.

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Post by ZeroChill » 27 Oct 2017, 21:47

For me its always an eBook
You can carry more than one books around at all time and read them at your ease
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Camille Turner
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Post by Camille Turner » 16 Mar 2018, 10:30

I'm not sure why, though I think technological growth certainly plays a big role in it for most people. I am a lover of physical books but use my Kindle Paperwhite to read when I'm traveling, which is often, so for me, it's not because I love it but because I NEED to use it from time to time. I'm not talking about small trips where I can put a book in my bag, but I'm talking about moving to a new country every 6 months to a year. However, I always buy physical copies as well -- way more than I have room for, ha!

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Post by Ernie6988 » 19 Mar 2018, 13:17

I prefer a hard copy of book but I am hoping that I learn to like an ecopy. Is it hard to get used to?

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Misty Dawn
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Post by Misty Dawn » 19 Mar 2018, 16:57

Really, I think both have their place. I made the shift to primarily buying ebooks a few years ago; I love having all the books I own on my phone or Nook available anywhere, and even a few paperback books get heavy fast. I still have a lot of hard copies, but I'm trying to pare those back and only keep around my favorites and the things that are easier to reference as a physical book.

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Post by ValBookReviews » 28 Mar 2018, 19:04

electramia wrote:
28 Mar 2014, 21:46
I've never really been a fan of EBook but desperate times call for desperate measures. When I do need the convenience of reading from my IPhone/IPad, I feel slightly disconnected in comparison to if I had the actual hardcopy in my hands. Considering all the libraries in my town either went out of business or is currently moving locations, EBooks are life savers. But I do get my hands on a hardcopy when I can.
I feel like actual books are growing extinct, so I'm curious: is it because of our generation's festering need to convert everything to technology or honest preference?
Yes indeed I do! Hard copy for sure. Need I say more? :tiphat:
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Post by See_B00kReaDs » 29 Mar 2018, 23:47

I love both, but I prefer to read e-books because it's easier to use. It's also convenient as I can read wherever and whenever I have time.
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God bless you! :D

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Post by anix67 » 01 Apr 2018, 01:39

Hard copy all the way is much better! Nothing can replace it

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Post by Misael » 01 Apr 2018, 03:44

Ebook reader application in cellphone makes life easier. However, there are times that I miss reading a hardcopy. I miss the smell of a new book, and the feel of earmarking it.

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Post by Shashikamalpillai » 01 Apr 2018, 04:30

I've never really felt that e-books are actually cool. Because they don't give me that kinda feel which a hardcopy can give. When you hold a particular book. That smell of the paper itself help you find ways to read the book. That essences of the book will make you get lost into the book. And this can only happens with a hard copy.

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Post by Gemmybearr » 01 Apr 2018, 10:53

I enjoy the physical book more, but I do own a kindle. My kindle lets me explore and learn about new books I would otherwise not know or even think to look at. Nothing beats being in a book store though, hands down. It's possibly the best and most euphoric experience. As far as the kindle goes, I would have preferred to have the one where I can only read books because being able to play games and stuff is really distracting from the actual purpose of the kindle. But that's on me for buying a fire :P. All in all, physical books are so much better and give a much better experience when reading and it feels a lot easier on the eyes then just staring at a screen.

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Post by Sadie123 » 02 Apr 2018, 18:50

Personally i love holding a book in my hand while drunking tea and cuddled up in bed or my couch. I have the fire but i have so many ebooks on it, i really dont like the screen light. I have many book shelves and i love seeing my books. If i have a power outage and am low on my fires battery im not able to read. With a book u are able to read and not worry

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