Kindle Books - How do you keep track of your library?

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Bri C
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Kindle Books - How do you keep track of your library?

Post by Bri C »

So I noticed that collections don't hold over from various areas. I had them pretty well sorted on my Kindle, but that died a few years ago. I'm getting back into e-books since I know we have some I want to read, but the Cloud Reader and PC app don't have my old collections and they don't seem to talk to each other. It's driving me insane. All my physical bookshelves are easy to keep track of. How do you keep track of your online ones?
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Post by aruntr2001 »

I keep the kindle library itself as the best way to manage the books but at the same times since I have hundreds of books I use an excel sheet to manage it as that is easier for me to categorize and search for the books.
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Post by yapashley »

I arrange them alphabetically by author! I store together the books authored by the same author. It really helps me :))
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Post by readsbyarun »

I always categorize them into different collections and that is very easy to organize what I am reading on kindle.
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Post by Alicgmood03 »

Honestly, i use book library apps (i used Trello like a personal library, but it's handy only in paid version)
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Black Jewel
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Post by Black Jewel »

I don't at this point. But I am working my way through making a hard copy list of my collection that I can then put into an easy to track/add to excel file.
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Post by TheLoquacity »

Currently, I don't - but I'm hoping to figure out some way to organize it soon. The lack of organization in my Kindle is driving me crazy.
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usef nahg
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Post by usef nahg »

I use goodreads or i just keep downloaded on my device.
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Post by Elisan »

What do we do with physical books? We buy them in different bookstores and put them on our bookshelves.
The same happens online. We download books from several stores, then we need our personal online bookshelves. This means we need a file (a digital space) where we list all books we bought or downloaded from online stores. A list of titles, organized for the title, author, genre, etc.
Someone uses excel, I prefer Word, or Google Doc, or Windows Note, or others.
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