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Re: Overdrive

Post by kobani4 »

nice work dear I love overdrive
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Post by Jillpillbooknerd »

I just recently found out that this was a thing! I love Overdrive and I'm really excited to keep using it more in the future. I currently have Women in the Window checked out.
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Post by Oulababe »

I hadn't heard of overdrive until I read your post. Sounds like a great app I don't borrow cause I'm always late to return and I think this would be very helpful.
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Post by Nanig83006 »

I love OverDrive! I don't have to wait long for a book to become available and I never worry about late fees because the book auto-returns when it's due. The best thing about it is that some books let you pick the lend out date. The standard is 14 days, but others can be borrowed for as far out at 21 days. I know many of us don't need that long, but it's excited to know you can have more time if needed. Better yet, you can connect to multiple libraries. My library card from CA never expires, so I'm lucky enough to be able to still enjoy ebooks from there and my local library.
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Post by pathiyilprasanthi »

Yes. I have been using overdrive for reading and it is really amazing. I can even recommend books to the libraries and once they process my request I will be the first one to read the book.
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Post by erasmus »

pathiyilprasanthi wrote: 26 Sep 2018, 13:54 Yes. I have been using overdrive for reading and it is really amazing. I can even recommend books to the libraries and once they process my request I will be the first one to read the book.
No, really?? I had no idea there was a function like that! Is it in the app itself? I will definitely be exploring the app again.
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Post by Lia A »

I use a program called Libby, which is owned by Overdrive and is almost the same thing. I find it useful because I can borrow popular books for free. I can also send books to my Kindle, so that is good too.
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Post by readsbyarun »

Onedrive is a very good and productive app. I use them for both personally and officially. It is very easy to work between various devices and I don't need to worry about the data loss at any time.
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Post by RavingReads »

Absolutely love overdrive. You can connect it with a kindle or personal device! Highly recommend, all you need is a library card!
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Post by CaptainTurtle8 »

I love this and use it all of the time. I was pretty excited when I realized what it was and how simple it was to use. It's especially great with putting books on hold and getting the notification when it's available, and not having to worry about returns and fees.
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Post by Black Jewel »

I use overdrive, and libby, quite frequently since we moved and I no longer have access to my previous 'home' library in the physical sense. Once I get signed up at a new library, I will most likely lose that access, for new access. It will be both a sad, yet happy, day.
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