Ebook or paper book?

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Re: Ebook or paper book?

Post by Hunter_T »

Kindle hands down for me. I say this because I travel a lot, and don’t have to pack any books with me. And with a library card, I can read books for free and never run out. I also like how you can look up definitions of words quickly, as you are reading. It’s good for reading in the middle of the night too, because you can have the brightness super low. You don’t have to wake up anyone else either, by turning a light on. These are all the reasons I love my kindle.
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Post by Etienneza »

I am not a convert yet. For now it will still be the feel of the book, the action of turning of the pages . I wonder to what an extent the e-book and paper copy differ in how brain mapping happens. Disregarding the sensory experience and the slight differences, how different is the brain imaging and the commitment to memory perhaps?
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Post by cogitononsum »

I love the smell of books, honestly, but on the other hand, ebooks are so much easier to carry around, you can adjust their size, and you're saving the enrionment! I'll have to choose ebooks.
Vanessa Leong
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Post by Vanessa Leong »

I think each has its own advantages. I used to be religiously against reading books through digital means. I just didn't like the idea of reading a book through a screen because I grew up reading physical books so that was what was more familiar to me. However, ever since I started commuting to work, carrying a thick and often heavy book with me on my journeys encouraged me to explore the option of ebooks. After purchasing one, I fell in love with it. Yes, it doesn't have that paper smell that we all love and you can't physically flip the pages but it also makes reading so much more convenient and easy when you're on the go. I use a Kindle and it's so light and fits into even my smallest bag. I've read so many more books because of my E-reader and I have had no regrets about getting it.
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Post by Shanaian »

I prefer paperbooks but it takes too long to get newly released ones in the book stores back home, so I have settled for e-books.
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Post by mrkhrrn »

I will now take it a step further. If a paperback is your preference, then do you prefer paperback or hardback. In my opinion, I always feel so much more scholarly and cerebral when reading a hardback. Regardless of the genre or author. It is just the heft of the tome that seems to give it credence
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Post by smadura4310 »

For myself, the paper book idea has come and gone now that we have children. It is all about space management now with toys and children's games.
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Post by KhaidenTajigen »

What e-ink readers have done for humanity cannot be underestimated. I think books should continue to be printed on paper as long as it doesn't cause a crisis with the environment. Personally, I am phasing them out of my life for good because I want to detach myself from material things and have the space. But that's where renting comes in! I'm hoping to find a good library once the current situation is over and get physical books here and there while I still have my Kindle as the main reading medium. Before that, though, I have like a couple dozen physical books already that have been sitting on my shelves for years. I'm hoping to read them soon and then donate/sell them.
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Post by Archaeoptery »

I would go with books, I already get enough screen time as it is. I just want things to not have to look at it.
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Reema Aydieh
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Post by Reema Aydieh »

I like both. Having thousands of books in your pocket sounds magical but holding the book is a different kind of joy. Also, I don’t like marking paper books so having the highlight option for ebooks made it easier to save my favorite quotes.
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Post by Wildflowertheorist »

Paper books work soo much better for me. One, I don't feel the strain, which I do when I stare at the screen for too long.
Two, it's super comfortable, I can take it absolutely anywhere with me.
Three, turning pages feels so good.
Four, it doesn't take as long as reading an Ebook does. It's weird but I find that, I take longer when I'm reading on the screen versus reading paper.
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