Schools using tablets instead of books

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Re: Schools using tablets instead of books

Post by cookiedough »

A combination of both would be a good idea. Using old fashioned books is probably cheaper in the long run as technology updates quickly and machines become obsolete.

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Lia A
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Post by Lia A »

There are many pros and cons to this. The classes that I take often switch between both online and physical textbooks. Honestly, I prefer physical books unless they are too heavy to take around campus. Digital books are more convenient, as I can access many books without having to carry heavy physical books. I find that physical books are easier to look at for long hours, especially when studying. Sometimes, the classes that I take will allow the student to choose between physical and digital copies. In conclusion, I think a variety of both physical and digital books is a good idea.

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Post by readsbyarun »

I support this initiative. It is good and also helps in controlling the students in a way that they can streamline to portions that need to be learnt.

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Post by Lilyflower-x2 »

Technology is here to stay. It has done a lot of good especially in third-world countries, that otherwise might not have access to the latest books. It provides a cheaper reading option for schools in such countries. You should see the joy of these kids when presented a tablet, opening their minds to the possibilities that exists beyond their borders.
I am a diehard paperback lover, but I cannot deny the positive impact of technology today.

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Post by shirleym89 »

While there are some benefits associated with schools using tablets instead of textbooks, there are however certain concerns with regards to this. Firstly, students might be distracted from their school work. I still believe that tablets are a reflection of the new era. Schools should therefore adjusts with the modern era.

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Post by Maria8297 »

Danielsduo wrote:
14 Jul 2014, 18:37
I'm for tablets after a certain age. I swore I would never own a tablet and the only way to read is a good old fashion book. Right now I am on my third nook upgrade. The weight of a childs backpack can be cut down to next to nothing, if text books, reading assignments, and more were on a tablet. It would also cut way back on the cost of updating, and replacing reading material used in schools. I'm an avid reader..I can take my whole library with me where ever I go! Our kids could do he same with all their school books
I think you are absolutely right to this matter.

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Post by amandaabend »

I used to feel the same way about introducing technology into the classroom, and then I became a teacher. LOL. I once thought that e-books were in danger of replacing paperbacks, but now I can truly see the value in tablets. True, e-readers decrease the sale of paperback books, but that does not mean that books aren't being sold or read. They are being read just as much, only in a different format! There are tons of benefits that come with digital readers now... it makes annotating easier, and there are options for students and teachers to access materials more quickly, both for learning and grading. Paperbacks will never go out of style, collectors and libraries will always have a market for them, but I also cannot dismiss the benefits of e-reading.

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Post by prachi29 »

I am against the use of tablets in schools. It is not fair to the students who come from a economically weak background.

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Post by beatrice_mom »

As for me, reading from a tablet is not very good. Firstly, the load on vision is greater than from a regular or e-book. Secondly, the tablet will not last long for reading - the battery will be quickly discharged.

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