Why "either" "or"?

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Re: Why "either" "or"?

Post by Bhaskins »

I agree it doesn't have to be an either/or situation. I have both and they both serve a purpose. Right now I live in a small house and the kindle saves space. I love a good book sale and will buy paperback and hard cover too. I like the portability of a kindle and that I can switch what I am reading as I am usually in the middle of a few books and will read based on my mood.
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Post by Nimisha_91 »

Exactly! And I've found myself reading so much more because an e-reader is so convenient! And there are so many books to choose from. I've started reading new books on Kindle and then buying a paperback of the ones I love! Works for me..

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Post by DD129 »

I agree! I love the convenience of e-readers, but I just love the feeling of a paperback book in my hand. They're both good, and I use both. I have an e-reader and multiple physical books. The method doesn't matter to me so long as I can read a story I like!

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Post by sunmuth »

For me, if a book is longer or is fantasy where I may want to reference a map/family tree/glossary, I will always prefer the paper version. Nonfiction as well. I tend to use ebooks only for contemporary books that I would want to read "on the go" like between classes at school or when waiting for someone.

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Post by NetMassimo »

Ebooks are generally cheaper but I can find second-hand paper books that sometimes are very cheap so for me it depends a lot on price.
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Post by Jennashby_87 »

I definitely see the plus side to both. I prefer reading paperbacks most of the time but there are definitely some times when having an e-reader is a complete blessing.

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Post by Nickolas Farmakis »

I also like both e-books and paperback books, because they each have their advantages.

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Post by Nickolas Farmakis »

I like e-books when I am reviewing books because it is easier to note down and highlight errors.

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Post by Leyla Ann »

Although eBooks have noteworthy advantages, I still prefer the feeling of paper to the digitalized version.
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Post by Falling4Ever »

I read paperback books for novels and easily transportable books. When they're bigger, like textbooks, or more expensive, but cheaper for an ebook version, I'll use digital books instead.

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Post by Amanda Newton »

I have never understood that either! I love real physical books, but a Kindle is so easy to carry with you and take on the go. Plus it has a backlight you can read in the dark easier.
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Post by Honest-reviewer »

I like both! It usually depends on my mood and weather.. If I’m on a vacation or it raining outside then I prefer to read a physical book or else I read in my iPad. The latter is more convenient.

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Post by Grace Bela »

This is honestly a great question that I've never really thought about. Even though I'm definitely a paper book person, I see the benefit of both.

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Post by Xenolyph »

I have both hard copy books and ebooks on my Nook and the Kindle app. It really depends on where I can find the book or if I feel like going out to get a hard copy versus just pressing a few buttons and getting the digital. I love all books, so I'm not opposed to either digital or hard copy!

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Post by Bri C »

I used to have both and currently utilize my laptop and phone as e-book readers. We have a pretty robust library system, so at this point, I really only buy books that I'll want to return to year after year, or that I need a hard copy of for a specific purpose. I still love physical books, but with hundreds left in my collection after hardcore decluttering, there had to be a high bar or I'd be utterly buried. There are four book fiends in our house. At least we're good at sharing.

I don't buy e-books. Between the library, Prime Reading, and out-of-copyright classics, I will *never* run out of things to read. I like e-books for nonfiction, particularly self-help, and fiction books that I don't think I'll return to. It's not like I can't buy a book later on.

I do sometimes buy books I might only read once at the semi-annual library book fair. They are incredibly cheap (usually 50 cents), go to a cause I support (the library), and I can donate them right back after I read them if I decide not to keep them. It's a cheap, waste-free way of keeping that physical book experience.

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