Do you think there are good books on Wattpad?

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Re: Do you think there are good books on Wattpad?

Post by Netvigator72 »

There are a ton of great books on wattpad. The reason why I don’t use it almost at all anymore is because the stories are sometimes left with no ending and I also hate having to wait.

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Post by di9girl »

Yes! I have a friend Stateside who writes wonderful NASCAR fanfiction, I appreciate that's not everyone's cup of tea but if you're into it, she's amazing. She's pretty popular too with a lot of readers. She designs beautiful covers for the books and uses gifs in the stories themselves.

But I do agree, some books on there are unfinished, I wrote one chapter and then stopped. But, that's on me, I can't seem to read or write in that genre anymore.

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Post by eliviac35 »

I definitely think there are some gems on wattpad. I remember the day that I found “After” on wattpad. The only downfall is sometimes having to wait for the next chapter to be released.

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Post by AmyMarie2171 »

There are some real gems on Wattpad, but you have to sift through a LOT of not-so-great stories to find them.

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Post by Arite Seki »

I used to read so many books on Wattpad. In fact my early teenage years were spent reading almost exclusively from there. Most of the books that I read were not well written, but they were still enjoyable. There are definitely some really good books on Wattpad, that are well edited with a driven and interesting plot, but they are rare.

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Post by mariam_adeks »

Yes, definitely. The most books I've read are from wattpad

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