Ebook readers: Do you use the highlight or bookmark?

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Re: Ebook readers: Do you use the highlight or bookmark?

Post by winecellarlibrary »

I never use the bookmark feature. I don't see the point when the ebook opens to the last page read anyway, and it syncs across devices.

I do frequently use the highlight feature, though. I highlight passages that really stood out to me. I also highlight errors in the text (in a different color). By highlighting, it makes it easier to reference these quotations later on for reviews or just for reflection.

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Post by Jennashby_87 »

I highlight things sometimes if I have material that I am studying off of, or things I want to make note of in reviews later on. If I am just leisurely reading though I don’t use it much at all.

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Post by Nickolas Farmakis »

When I read e-books, I like keeping notes and highlighting, especially if I am reviewing the book.

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Post by vermontelf »

I only use the highlight feature rarely, and most often when I am officially reviewing a book and want to be able to go back and refer to specific things. The exception to this is when I am reading a book to learn how to do something in which case I may use the highlight feature more to be able to refer back later.

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Post by sunmuth »

I only really use the highlight and notes feature if I am reading a book for review so I can remember parts of the story I want to comment on. I do think they are helpful features, though, especially since I can look at all my highlights/notes on one page.

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Post by tswood »

I was very skeptical about ebooks. I love the highlight and bookmark. When it came to traditional books, I always had a hard time keeping up with my bookmarks and remembering the page number I was on. With ebook bookmarks it’s so much easier, especially when using the kindle app on your mobile phone as well, because the last page you were on, will automatically sync on the mobile app.

Highlighting is cool as well to because I can color coordinate with the different highlight options and I can leave notes. Even though all of that is great, sometimes to me it can be a little overwhelming and to me it can also take away the enjoyment of reading the book.

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Post by sjenkins39 »

When i read an ebook, I always bookmark my favorite scenes.

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Post by Leyla Ann »

I use highlight as I find it to be more specific, bookmark saves the whole page when I'm only interested in looking up certain sentences.
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Post by books_andpoetri »

I don't annotate on physical books. I have a separate notepad where I write down my favorite lines.

On my kindle, however, I use the highlight feature as much as I need. I rarely use the bookmark tool.

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Post by Netvigator72 »

Bluebird03 wrote:
06 Feb 2019, 07:20
I am a natural born highlighter and love to do so in my hard copy books. So, I love the features in the Kindle to either highlight a sentence/paragraph or to bookmark a page. Do you use these features regularly?
I have never done it on my physical books by since becoming a reviewer I have using those features on the kindle.

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Post by alicia_fountain »

I highlight all the time! When I'm reading a book for a review, I will highlight the errors I find in yellow, and the curse words in a different color. Usually, I try to highlight some paragraphs that I believe are important to the story in blue so I can go back to it and have a better idea of how to make the plot description flow.

I would never highlight a regular book, unless it was a textbook or something I'm using solely to study a topic!

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Post by kljrox »

I have never thought to highlight in my kindle while reading until I started reviewing books. Now I’m just getting into highlighting and the color coding that I have read about in some of these posts are a good idea. Thanks to all for the great ideas.
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Post by Jlblawrence »

I really like the highlighting feature in kindle. I don't mind reading PDF files, but I always miss the customization that the kindle app gives you. Plus the bookmarking feature! I always have to write down the PDF page I leave off on. It's a little annoying.

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Post by AmyMarie2171 »

I just bookmark on ebooks because it is simpler for me. More often than not, I just turn the Kindle off when I'm done for the moment and turn it back on when I'm back, and the book is already where it was when I left.

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Post by Amanda Newton »

I absolutely love the Highlight and Note functions that Kindle offers. I use GoodReads as well, so my notes can sync over and I can view them online again later too
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