Ebook or paper book?

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Re: Ebook or paper book?

Post by Dan_Wellock » 31 Jul 2019, 16:01

For my entire life, cracking open a dusty or new paper book has always been so special to me. Nothing can ever replace the feeling of mystery that is felt when I see a collection of pages, and I wonder “What experiences could be hidden in those pages?” The new world is looking for ease over the experience, but in my opinion, there is no better experience than reading from a paper book. Nothing can ever replace that, and I am sure there are others who agree with me.
Thus, my answer is definitely paper books over ebooks.

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Post by MissUnderstood1 » 01 Aug 2019, 15:36

In my opinion, ebooks should never replace traditional hardcover and paperback books. But, for a person with physical limitations like me, the option of being able to access books electronically allows disabled people the opportunity to enjoy reading. For some people, reading a paperback book is either an extremely difficult or impossible thing to do. Without ebooks, we wouldn't be able to read written books without a great deal of assistance. Personally, I'm grateful for ebooks. I lost my ability to read paperback books five years a ago. It wasn't until three years ago that I was able to use a laptop again. That's when I got the Kindle desktop app and continued my love of reading.

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Olive Books
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Post by Olive Books » 02 Aug 2019, 18:52

I love having my bookshelves filled with books. The smell and feel of a book is lost with e-readers. You don’t get to really enjoy the cover art either, which has lead me to browse the same books over and over. :doh:
But I was gifted an old Nook from a family member and an old Kindle from a friend. I use the both and you would be hard pressed to find me without one of them near by. I have more books on just one of them then I could ever have bought on paper; and as others have stated I found new authors only because they had free e-books available.
So in the end I believe both will always have a home in my library.

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Post by Jolan » 04 Aug 2019, 01:44

Definitely paper book. Nothing like holding the book in your hand and flipping the pages. And don't get me started on that new book smell!!! :romance-heartsfade:

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Post by Sofia____ » 04 Aug 2019, 11:51

I tend to like paperbooks more than anything in the world. You connect with the book alot more with the beautiful cover, the smell (oh my word). You feel as if you are in the world you are currently reading.

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Post by bespectacledpetal » 04 Aug 2019, 17:04

Both for me. I love my kindle but sometimes I need that new book smell 😊
Shhhh I'm reading :techie-studyinggray:

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Post by Sweeta123 » 13 Aug 2019, 11:08

A nice good paper book would be nice... I love paperbacks...

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Post by lea_aluie » 13 Aug 2019, 20:17

I love paper books more mainly because it helps me sleep easier and relaxes my eyes. Also, in a very weird way, I feel more connected to a good book when it's a paper book and I could easily share it with a friend as some don't own a Kindle. The e-books are very helpful when you really want to read a certain book and it's not available in bookstores yet.

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Post by Anna1512 » 14 Aug 2019, 06:55

I know that ebooks are more ecologic, but I absolutely love books! I love to turn pages, to watch the cover and to have all my books on the shelves. Moreover I think that with the ebooks it's more difficult to remember at which point of the plot a specific event happened, with a paper book I easily remember if I have read a lot/a few pages before the event.

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