Overall rating and opinion of "The Maestro Monologue" by Rob White

Use this forum to discuss the May 2022 Book of the month, "The Maestro Monologue: Discover your Genius, Defeat your intruder, Design your destiny" by Rob White.
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Overall rating and opinion of "The Maestro Monologue" by Rob White

Post by gali »

This is a discussion topic for the MAY 2022 Book of the month, The Maestro Monologue: Discover your Genius, Defeat your intruder, Design your destiny" by Rob White.

What is your overall opinion of the book? What do you like most about it? What do you like least? What did you think of the writing style? What did you think of the cover? Will you recommend the book to other people? Why or why not?

Please remember to add your actual rating using the book's page on: Bookshelves.
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Post by Gideon Oluwatoyin Olomofe »

I so much like the book. The message inside is powerful. I was really challenged by how the author has come up with different concepts in the book—intruder, positive affirmation, and so on.

The writing style is bold and easy to read. The book interface is cool to look at. The cover pictures also portray its power theme.

I strongly recommend it
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Post by Atova »

This book couldn't have come at a better time.

I love the theme of this book, it's artistic cover page and it's diverse concepts. It's a really good read for the month of May, and I hope others will read it soon so we can have a full house discussion.
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Post by stylesreview »

I loved the Maestro Monologue a lot. The chapters are easy to digest, there are lots of quotes, and Rob's enthusiasm is epic.

When I first picked the book I wanted to know what the "Maestro Monologue" was about, and I'm glad I learned a lot from it. My favourite part of is the part on the Dynamic Trio. Still trying to find my trio though.

It has an interesting cover image. The dude with the wand is probably your Maestro doing his / her magic.

I'd definitely recommend it to other people. It helped me (along other material) unplug from the notion of "what I need is out there". It can also help someone adjust the value they put into other people's opinions too.
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Post by Chetna_123 »

The book is a powerful source of manifestation and how they can change your life. I have reviewed this book and I would say the only one who have read this work can understand the title. The author's work and word choice are commendable.
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Post by Emiglee »

This book is a great read for May.
I love the theme and all its concepts. I am not someone who cares about the cover of books but, I must admit, the cover caught my interest and I was curious to know what the book is about. I am glad I did.
Etini Willie
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Post by Etini Willie »

I have read 'The Maestro Monologue'. The book is an excellent motivational book that has personally helped me to push barrier and achieve tremendous positive things.

What I love most about the book is the part that Rob White explains that the position a person is in is the products of the person's thoughts. When you think it's possible, it is always possible.

Rob White used a direct writing style and its admirable. I love this book. I would recommend it to anyone that has bouts of depression. It would lift the person
Faith - Benny Any
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Post by Faith - Benny Any »

I loved almost all aspects of this book. It has eye-opening content. A summary of what I learned is that "You are who you are now because of how you think you are". Everyone has the power to rewrite his or her life. I only disliked the repetitions that were made; some points were overemphasized. The author's writing style was simple. I recommend it to lovers of self-help books.
Madame Read More
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Post by Madame Read More »

I enjoyed reading the book as i found it very relatable and full of useful and impactful information.
I am currently making changes in my life because of the positive information that i acquired in the book.
I think the author did a very good job. I feel that the writing style was bold and admirable.
I would definitely recommend this book to young adults or anyone looking to turn a new leaf in his or her life
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Post by Bibliophile Reviewer »

I read this book a while back after editing one of its volunteer reviews. The reviewer's analysis about the maestro in us caught my attention. I'd say that the book expatiates on a regular concept in a unique way. I like how the author makes us focus more on the positive aspects of our lives in order to silence the intruder we may have allowed to gain dominance. It's a 4-star book for me.
Dent Odhiambo
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Post by Dent Odhiambo »

I loved the book starting from the creative name and the cover. What really made this book hood is the fact that it takes you on a journey, the only difference is that it's not on a road but your brain.
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Post by Ifesi »

Easy to read as the author did a great job using that writing style. I will recommend this book to people seeking for help. Although the cover page revealed less of how much informative the book is, it is still worth 4 out of 4 stars.
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Post by kcollins14 »

At first, I was honestly a bit skeptical. The whole thing seemed a bit...cheesy if that's the right word, especially the whole 'majestic child' stuff. It seemed a bit much. Also, I didn't know how it would tackle actually dealing with your flaws honestly. I was afraid it'd just be like 'be yourself' without talking about those parts of you that need changing. But as I was reading, I really thought about it and realized what it was trying to say was that just point blank thinking we're awful at something is actually unproductive and won't change anything. As someone who tends to be critical of themselves, this was kinda hard for me to buy. But once you see what it's trying to say it has a lot of great ideas.
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B Sheila Holt
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Post by B Sheila Holt »

This book was great in so many ways!! I loved the cover. It was beautiful.
I love reading self-help books anyway, but when they really are able to change your life like this one can, then the book is even better. This one works inside your brain from the very start, as long as you are open to wanting a better life.
I liked the “to-be” list. I loved the “seven day challenge”, plus so many other parts.

I loved how easy each chapter and section was so simple and easy to read and understand. Plus the lessons were so relatable and easy to apply. I will read this book many times over.

I will definitely recommend it to everyone. Will also consider it as gifts to give others.
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Post by dcruzsammy »

I liked and enjoyed the book. It was well thought out with many exercises that gets you more invested. The author provided lots of ideas that is relevant for me. I wouldn't say I'm a completely improved person after reading it and doing the exercises, but it is definitely a step forward.
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