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Re: Religious Background

Post by Lawrence+2 »

Well, in as much as the religious reference in the book can limit the audience, I believe that if someone actually wants to get something he could go an extra mile for it.
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Post by JenPayton »

I think that using scripture to create a book that's meant to help others realize their potential and self-worth is a great way to go. However, I also see how that would put off any potential readers that aren't religious or have a different religion than the one that inspired said writing. I think that if there were people throughout the different religions that used those different religions' writings to make books for their religions then that would benefit those readers in the way that their religion was meant to. But that means that there would have to be someone well versed enough in their religion and with the drive enough to write a book to publish for other people of their religion to read and use in their lives. Overall, it's definitely beneficial to come out with a book like this that could be read and understood by everyone despite their religious beliefs.
Agbata precious
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Post by Agbata precious »

In my opinion, I will say this book was not strictly for delivers and is also not religious in any way thanks.
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Post by bishop_444 »

I believe using anything religious in a self-help book limits the audience significantly. I'm sure there are a plethora of self-help books based on certain religions. Most people find strength in their said religion; therefore, they would most likely pick said religious self-help. Also, you have a chance of offending or isolating someone of another faith or someone that rejects anything religious.
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Post by joy jack »

The book has a lot of quotes from the Bible, but I do not believe that should deter an individual that does not practice Christianity from enjoy and benefiting from this book.
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Post by Hamisha Bhana »

In my opinion, the book relies on on scripture as an authoritative source to validate the techniques.

I believe non-Christians could find it challenging to read and implement the techniques as they may struggle with interpreting the relevance of the quotes in the text.

That being said, Rob is mindful in his approach and usage of scripture in the text.

Overall, the book is aimed at a Christian audience primarily. It is a wonderful read, well written for a God conscious or spiritual individual will find encouragement in the pages.
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Post by Kehinde_211 »

I think it would actually put off religious persons from reading the book. Religion really plays a dominant force in people's lives and people of other religions might see those Bible contents as contradictory and against their faith.
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Post by Alicia_Soledad »

REIGNING20 wrote: 02 May 2022, 09:33 Most self-help books draw their illustrations and reference point from religious texts or doctrines. The Maestro Monologue , for example, extensively utilized scripture texts from the Bible as source of authority, on which the Rob White lay foundations for his discussions. Do you believe that this is strength that most self-help books need to capitalize on? Or do you think this may put off potential readers, who may not relate to the scripture text used? For instance, do you think a Muslim and a Hindu would enjoy this text as much as Christians would?
This can be both a strength and a weakness most times. I think it is a strength because it can appeal strongly to a particular audience, but it also have issues in terms that many people wont even be willing to try it out once they know it contains religious elements.
Hey Harry
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Post by Hey Harry »

I think a self-help book without biblical references should be better because of the belief of non-Christians.
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