Cecilia being Lucifer's daughter is compatible with her personality?

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Icon Cecilia being Lucifer's daughter is compatible with her personality?

Post by gabrielletiemi »

Cecelia Harrow is Lucifer's daughter, but she seems to be very different from who the princess of Hell should be. I know that this way the author removes the cliche from the character, but at the same time, for me it seems that it also removes other possibilities that the character personality might have. Do you think that Cecilia being Lucifer's daughter is compatible with her personality?
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Post by Bridgette C 2 »

I wanna side with the author. Being Lucifer's daughter does not necessarily mean that she also has to have her father's attitude. What if Cecilia was just like Lucifer from the Lucifer series who got bored in hell and then he went to the mortal's world?

Anyway, it's good to know that Cecilia has not inherited evil attitude😅
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Post by Rishi_reviews »

I think the author is correct here. A child can adopt to any trait that he/she wants and finds attractive. They don't have to walk on their parents footsteps all the time.
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Post by Susan Gibbs »

It sounds like Cecelia has many elements to her personality. AS the story progresses, she develops the softer parts of her personality. This shows that there is good and evil in everyone. As you mention, it makes her character more three-dimensional and interesting, less of a cliche. I think it is believable that the Princess of Hell could exhibit other less evil parts to her personality.
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Post by Rizki Pradana »

I think Cecilia's personality isn't compatible with her mother because of her environment and her father. But I am glad that Cecilia doesn't inherit her mother's evil character.
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Post by Rachael S 1 »

I like the idea that the daughter does not follow the father completely. I think having a different personality than the cliche adds more to the storyline than just being the evil princess of darkness. There is always more than just good or just evil to a personality and it takes time to find out what and who you are. Especially when you are dealing with high-school children.
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Post by meiafidaa_7 »

What if she has the evil side but she is hiding it or it's gonna appear later in the story?🤔 or her mother was an angel maybe that's why 🤔
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Post by Cwilde13 »

I think it's important to show that children can develop their own beliefs, ideas, and personalities, as opposed to making them mirror images of their parents. I think that making Cecilia too similar to Lucifer would have been a cop-out on the part of the author. I'm glad that Cecilia gets to be her own person, despite the influence of her infamous father.
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Post by Rashi Agrawal »

I am with the author. Cecilia has an altogether different personality. It is not necessary that the daughter must inherit the personality traits of her parents. One can have a completely different personality from their parents. I think the author must have put a lot of thought into it. And it makes the story and the character more interesting and compelling.
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Post by Pharmemma »

She could have inherited any other recessive trait from either of her parents, but not shown in her personality. But I think her personality depended on some other factors, like the environmental factor. Well, her exhibition of different personalities made the storylines interesting and engaging.
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Post by Jodeci 007 »

Well, mirroring her father's attitude would have made the story boring to me. I like that the author doesn't go that route. I loved her badass personality and liked how she eventually showed her sweet side in the story.
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Post by Amynwankwo_ »

I take the side of the author on this one. Being Lucifer’s daughter does not mean that she has to inherit his personality. I enjoyed reading about her character so much. She was totally badass but with a sweet side too! I liked how she was able to define her own personality regardless of the influence of her father. I loved the depth to her character. The author did a good job on that.
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Post by Purplesturv »

It's applauding that Cecilia's personality was entirely different to that of her fathers. I think it's a strong message telling us that our characters are not only shaped by heredity, but the environment also plays a vital role. It also makes an interesting plot for the story.
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Post by Jimmy Irvin »

I would say that Cecilia does not have the personality of either of her parents. She has a little of both and has ner own unique personality. She displays she has whatever personality she wants. She has a conscience. In the beginning of the book she is acting just like Lucifer, killing innocent people, and taking people's souls to Hell. She was acting like Lucifer. Cecilia has something Lucifer does not, and that is a conscience!
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Post by Harsh Soni 3 »

I am on the side of author. It is not necessary that children acquire the personality of their parents. And also it makes the story boring if the daughter is as same as her father.
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