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Official Review: I Come Alone by Michelle J Coote

Please use this sub-forum to discuss any non-fiction books such as autobiographies or political commentary books.

Official Review: I Come Alone by Michelle J Coote

Post Number:#1 by ryugan
» 01 Oct 2012, 02:58

[Following is the official review of "I Come Alone" by Michelle J Coote.]

I Come Alone by Michelle J Coote is a non-fiction book about a lone women's adventures exploring Thailand and India. Michelle sells her home, most of her possessions and gives up her secure, well paying job to escape a mundane life. She replaces it with a combination of relaxing paradise and exciting adventure.

I Come Alone provides a unique and unbiased view of traveling India and Thailand. It mentions the highs of her experience and also the miserable lows which are often omitted from travel guides and traveling stories. The book is formatted in a way which makes it feel like a novel. I was constantly wondering what would happen next, how Michelle would react to circumstances and so on. This made the book an easy read with no boring lulls that I had to force myself through.

Whilst the Michelle provides her experience of traveling to read she also puts you inside her mind. Through vividly documenting a number of interactions and random thoughts that occur to Michelle you can see how another person thinks which I found interesting and unexpected.

Michelle gave a lot of information which will certainly be useful for me when I get around to traveling. For example, Thailand never occurred to me as a place to visit but now it's definitely on the list. Also Michelle's well documented occurrences and interactions with locals and the environment have given me some idea of what to expect in other countries. For these reasons, I Come Alone is a book worthy of being read by others.

Overall I Come Alone scores a 3 out of 4 as it is a quality story of someone bravely giving up a life of mundane conformity to seek adventure and experiences. The only negative I could suggest is that on occasion it is a bit preachy, but it is pretty hard to give one's opinion in a book without sounding preachy. I Come Alone is good for travelers, people hoping to give up their boring jobs and explore and those who are just interested in another person's experiences.

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