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Official Review: "The Littlest Angel"

Please use this sub-forum to discuss any non-fiction books such as autobiographies or political commentary books.

Official Review: "The Littlest Angel"

Post Number:#1 by smstone14
» 20 Sep 2012, 21:45

[Following is the official review of "The Littlest Angel" by Heidi Chandler.]

I chose "The Littlest Angel" by Heidi Chandler as my first book to read and review and I applaud this woman for pouring her heart out of the ups and downs, struggles and achievements, in a book over a very sensitive topic in her life. While I was reading this book, I wasn't just reading another non-fiction book. I was reading a book that had me so involved with the emotions and turmoil of what was happening. When I can get emotionally involved in a book like this, it makes the book that much better to read and to understand what exactly is going on, especially when it is non-fiction. Mrs. Chandler's book on her child bearing trials and tributes is definitely not an easy subject to write about, but she did, along with all of her emotions, thoughts, and milestones from the lowest point to the highest point.

As a new mother for the 2nd time, I found by reading her book that even though her child bearing times turned out different than mine, we still had our similarities. What a lot of people don't realize is what all actually goes on in life because they are so entrapped within their own little world. Her thoughts and feelings showed me that I'm not the only one feeling the same things some days. And I think it would be great for female readers to know that they are not the only ones out there either. Great inspirational book for those who know what Mrs. Chandler has lived through.

Mrs. Chandler's writing style is definitely amazing because as I said before, it captured me into how she was feeling, what was going on, to the point that I felt like I was living inside of her head and viewing everything and feeling everything from her point of view. To me that's a huge plus when it comes to books, especially non-fiction. When you can write a non-fiction to the point of drawing a reader in as if it were a fiction, you have a talent that should not be overlooked by any means.

"The Littlest Angel" is by no means a book that EVERYONE should read because not everyone will be able to either handle the subject of pregnancy and children or will not be able to understand it. But I do encourage readers to try to read it; not only because of the plot and subject of her book, but to also pay attention to the vibe of her writing style. If more non-fiction books were like this, then I can guarantee that I would read a lot more non-fiction books. She has two thumbs-up in my book for outstanding writing skills!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading "The Littlest Angel" when I had time between feedings, dirty diapers, meals, and a husband who is soldier. When I did get the chance to read her book, I instantly picked back up on the emotions and what was happening at the time. Mrs. Chandler, if you should read this review, I applaud you for pouring your heart and sharing your soul to the world. I know it was not easy, but I thank you. For you have given me the strength I give this book 4 stars for amazing writing skills, for pouring her heartfelt trials in life, showing me that I'm not the only mother out there struggling with depression, and I'm sure I will read it again in the future.

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smstone14's Latest Review: "The Littlest Angel" by Heidi Chandler
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