What’s Next?

Use this forum to discuss the September 2021 Book of the month, "The Fourth Kinetic: Clairvoyants Book 1" by Brady Moore
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What’s Next?

Post by Booklover547 »

The story ends on a slight cliff hanger. Where do you think Brady Moore will take Book 2?! What will happen in the 5th Strain? Characters, plot… I feel that the story could go in so many different directions. Thoughts?
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Amy Luman
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Post by Amy Luman »

I think that all of the Clairvoyants that are left alive will continue on together. They’ll look for “Diana”and try to find her. They’ll learn about the new strains and probably get into more fights as I’m sure Psyriin will not stop trying to find them!
Elisa Joy Ocasla
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Post by Elisa Joy Ocasla »

I'm really looking forward to the book's next sequel. I am certain there is a continuation because I was dissatisfied with how it ended, which caught me off guard. I believe the next book will include more intriguing episodes that we would not expect to witness. Will Brady Moore now be able to adequately recognize the clairvoyants who happened to have a brief and fast-paced preeminence? What is the real meaning of the predators' offer of assistance to Rion in the tragedy? And how the series of events will be tangled together at the end? We should keep an eye out for and enjoy the book to the fullest.
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Amy Luman
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Latest Review: The Fourth Kinetic by Brady Moore

Post by Amy Luman »

I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series. I want to find out about Rion’s “mother”, his new friends, and the secret government agency involved. I have many questions. I think that we’ll learn about the new strains of clairvoyants, what they can do, and how Rion’s mother designed them (and I am sure that she did).
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Dr Chocha
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Post by Dr Chocha »

Brady Moore is a good author who I believe does not like to spoil his tales. The unfinished plots will continue in the next book guess, because if not then the readers will forfeit track. Book 2 should at least involve the search for Diana and lots of fights.
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Post by Chinaka94 »

It may take a whole lot of different directions but I believe that it will include the coming together of the remaining clairvoyants, the search for Diana, Psyriin's continued search for them and more details on the characters who seemed "cheated" in book 4.
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Post by kdstrack »

The next book will need to reveal Rion's true powers. We still don't know what he is truly capable of. He learned how to fly and was able to crash the Charon. What else will he discover he can do? Who is Rion's father? Who is his real mother? Will they discover how to reverse Lyra's situation? These are just unanswered questions from this first book. The next book will begin the search for the remaining kinetics. Will there be more siblings that Rion's "mother" has hidden somewhere?? I am quite curious about the direction Book 2 will take with these characters?
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Post by Amynwankwo_ »

I was definitely upset at the ending. It left me with so many questions. I’m hoping that this next book will reveal who Rion’s mother is, to find out about his new friends and the secret agency involved. I hope it would also contain the search for Diana.
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Niens Now
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Post by Niens Now »

I think that Rion's character will be developed further, perhaps new antagonists will emerge and new bonds will be formed. I can't wait to find out what transpires.
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Recee Ann
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Post by Recee Ann »

I think the writer will make adequate corrections this time and focus in developing his characters. The flaws he made while writing the first book won't show up in the second. And it will be better, I assure you. I can't wait for Book two!
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Killian Nichilo
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Post by Killian Nichilo »

I think it might take the direction of looking for Diana but sidetrack toward rescuing the two predators. I say that because I just think Aries is going to want to save Aquila and Perseus specially after it was proven that Rion was able to crash the Charon. I think that might become and important point either before or after they find Diana. The only reason why I think I’ll happen before is because finding Diana seems like an end third book sort of thing; as they prepare for the big final battle.
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Post by Sushan »

We learnt few hints about Rion's mother. But seemingly there is many more to her hidden life. I think Brady Moore will be generous enough to share those facts wit us. And also there were many characters who had nothing else than a mere introduction. I would like to see their appearances in the coming sequel.
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Suzer6440 xyz
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Post by Suzer6440 xyz »

I am hoping we will find out more about Rions mother or if that who she even is . How will he fit in with friends? Will his character change in the next book? Will Rion discover more in his path in life? So many questions I’m excited to see what will happen next
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