Official Review: Forensic Foraging

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Re: Official Review: Forensic Foraging

Post by Kelyn » 12 Jun 2019, 22:43

I'm fascinated by the haunting photos that can be taken in abandoned places and forgotten places and much beauty can be found in the everyday. I don't know that I would enjoy reading the book from cover to cover, but I do believe I would love the pictures and their 'captions.' Thank you for the review!
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Post by DorcasToo » 12 Jun 2019, 22:47

Am passing not really interested, but those who enjoy such stories have a good one with this. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Helena91 » 12 Jun 2019, 22:53

This book will definitely appeal to photographers, and some other everyday people like me who even though they are no professionals, enjoy scrolling through photo albums. Thank you for the review!

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Post by Jbcitygirl » 12 Jun 2019, 23:13

Thank you for sharing your review with us. I like the idea of forensic foraging and the authors have some very interesting thoughts on the different kinds of photography and art that exists. I enjoyed the beautiful pictures in the book of, as you put it, the mundane everyday things. I also think there is beauty to be found in almost anything.

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Post by Disneyland » 12 Jun 2019, 23:33

'Official Review: Forensic Foraging by William C. Crawford and Jim Provencher' is an important article on photography. The contents of the book are well described in the review! I love the English of the reviewer!

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Post by Susmita Biswas » 12 Jun 2019, 23:35

I don't like poems, but I like pictures. A picture can tell us a lot of things. I find these interesting. I would love to read this book. Congratulations on #botd.

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Post by Fazzier » 12 Jun 2019, 23:52

I'm not always into photography but usually fascinated by the art. Well, I might read this book to know more about photography as I like the fact that essays and poems provided also blend well with the overall theme of the book. It also sounds good being exceptionally edited. Great review!

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Post by Sarah Tariq » 12 Jun 2019, 23:56

I like poetry so I think this book will enhance my knowledge regarding photography with poetic touch.
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Post by bishop_444 » 12 Jun 2019, 23:58

I was captured by how the book made you feel! I think in this modern age, we forget the beauty of the world around us....even if it is small, old or rusty. Thank you for the great review.

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Post by NIRUPAMA JHA » 13 Jun 2019, 00:19

I love poetry. :angelic-cyan: This is surely gonna be my next read. :)

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Post by holsam_87 » 13 Jun 2019, 00:22

By pairing the art pieces and poetry together, I think that would put an unusual twist on how things are perceived by readers.
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Amina Yusuf
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Post by Amina Yusuf » 13 Jun 2019, 00:23

I love books with photographs and I do enjoy poetry. Definitely a book to add to my reading list. Great review too. It makes it more enticing. Thanks for the wonderful review

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Post by Sumbule1 » 13 Jun 2019, 00:25

The novel is appealing, it involves combination of essays, poems, and photos taken from abandoned sites that speak lots of volumes to us. I also like the part that says photography to unlock the unseen.

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Clintonboy 20
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Post by Clintonboy 20 » 13 Jun 2019, 00:29

Very interesting book with good poetry, amazing stories, and good title.

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Post by ShailaSheshadri » 13 Jun 2019, 00:33

Thanks for the review. It looks like Forensic Foraging is a very useful book for digital photographers. This book includes pictures, articles, and poems. Good to know, this book is interesting to read and visually attractive. I think art lovers find this book extremely useful. Congrats to the author on BOTD!

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