Review by eowriter -- Winning the War on Cancer

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Review by eowriter -- Winning the War on Cancer

Post by eowriter » 29 Jan 2019, 14:51

[Following is a volunteer review of "Winning the War on Cancer" by Sylvie Beljanski.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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4 out of 4 Stars
by Elesha Ochiis
The problem with natural cures is that conventional doctors tend to view them as quackery – so do most people. But, believers and practitioners of alternative cures are not quacks, they are simply people who think differently about diseases. I once advised someone who had been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, of the healing properties in apricot kernels, but she refused to listen. It wasn’t until her condition worsened and her treating doctor advised her to consider hospice care and to prepare her last will and testament – that she rang me and asked me to send her those apricot kernels. After a daily period of ingesting the apricot kernels, her cancer doctor declared: “I don’t know how to explain it, but your cancer has gone into remission – you are cancer free.” Sometimes, failure is simply not trying.

Sylvie Beljanski’s book, Winning the War on Cancer: The Epic Journey to a Natural Cure is important read because, in the course of researching alternative cures for cancer, I discovered that the man who had discovered the curing power in apricot kernels, Jason Vale, was, himself imprisoned. Another man, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, suffered nearly the same fate as Mirko Beljanki, when he was harassed for over fifteen grueling years by the Texas Medical Board for his use of Antineoplastons and his combination of gene-targeted therapy for cancer.

Cancer is an industry worth billions of dollars. The National Cancer Institute has estimated the cost of cancer care will increase to 175 billion by 2020. Meanwhile, the cost of cancer drugs has skyrocketed; the average price for cancer drugs is above $100,000 per year, with twenty percent out of pocket. This has led many people being priced out of the treatment and decided not to take it or to significantly compromise the treatment plan.

Pharmaceutical companies love synthetic drugs because synthetic drugs can be patented and are cheap to manufacture. Not only do drug companies enjoy sole ownership, but the food and drug administration (FDA), which regulates these drugs, guarantees market exclusivity of these drugs for a period of five and half years. Since mother nature can’t be patented, the war is on - the essence of the book and the reason it was written.

Sylvie Beljanski’s book is a novel and a how-to wrapped in one. Sylvie found her way to natural health because of her own health struggles with Hashimoto, an autoimmune thyroid disease. Her body had shut down, leaving her severely fatigued and unable to digest food. Doctors had told her that she would have to take prescription drugs for the rest of her life because her condition was irreversible. Sylvie Beljanski became her own advocate, learning everything there was to know about her health problems – finding miracles in nature – Pao Pereira, a tree native to the Amazon and Rauwolfia, Vomitoria extracted from an African root bark, the very same plant extracts her father used to save lives when convention medicine had failed people in and around his town in France.

Mirko Beljanski was a biochemist, who had developed natural molecules that were able to selectively block cancerous cells multiplication without killing healthy cells. But, he ran into major oppositions and traditional oncologists ostracized him. It was the president of France, François Mitterrand, who was forced to seek Mirko Beljanski after Mitterrand was battling advanced prostate cancer. Conventional doctors, who were treating the French president, advised him to take morphine for his pain and for his cabinet to start preparing for the early elections of a new French president. After being treated by Mirko Beljanski’s life-saving plant extracts, Mitterrand not only got well, but went on to serve a second term.

Sylvie Beljanski’s book gives us an in-depth look into how her father started with his important research on cancer stem cells – crucial to cancer research because they are known to be resistant to chemotherapy. These cancer stem cells also induce relapse and metastasis by giving rise to new tumors. Traditional treatment for cancer can shrink or eliminate it, but the cancer can return, with a vengeance, due to cancer stem cells.

After François Mitterrand passed away, Mirko Beljanski suffered revenge – his lab was raided and he was put in jailed. What is most tragic, is that after the arrest, her father died of myeloid leukemia, a disease that spells rapid death – he was not even allowed to use his own natural products to cure himself because the French government had ordered them seized and destroyed.

The magnificence of Mirko Beljanski’s study of the RNA and DNA is a staggering breakthrough of the inner working of cells in the human body. Ironically, a drug that was originally used to treat cancer but shelved because it was too toxic, was approved for AIDS victims. It was the most expensive drug on the market and its patent was a monopoly granted to Burroughs Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline). Mirko Beljanski, had already done tests on the plant called Pao Pereira for its treatment properties on the immune system and had an actual AIDS patient who had been successfully treated with it – proof that it was very effective and well-tolerated.

The good news is that Mirko Beljanski opened the door for the next generation to follow his ground-breaking work in which he looked for the progressive and cumulative destabilization of the DNA as the root cause of cancer while his peers searched for mutations. The bad news is that this is not where pharmaceutical companies are investing their money – protecting their brands at all costs and decrying and destroying natural solutions as quackery, even when this blanket rejection shouts conflict of interest.

Through the Beljanski Foundation, Sylvie Beljanski, has taken up the mission of her father, of both her parents and the world is a little safer for her having done so. This book is a fascinating read. A reporter who was sent by a prominent French publication, to destroy Mirko Beljanski, not only couldn’t find anything but positive information on him, the reporter himself was forced to seek help from the very man he was sent to crucify.

The brilliance and originality of Mirko Beljanski’s work is that it saved lives. Please read it, it could save yours.

“When we have the power to help, we have the duty of doing so,” Mirko Beljanski

Winning the War on Cancer
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