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Review by JordanKSmith -- The Unbound Soul

Post by JordanKSmith » 02 Dec 2018, 17:06

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Unbound Soul" by Richard L. Haight.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Unbound Soul: A Visionary Guide to Spiritual Transformation and Enlightenment is written by Richard L. Haight. It is broken up into 4 segments “My Story,” “The Path,” “Daily Unfoldment,” “Soul and Spirit.” With each section, the author gently lowers you into deeper and more profound spiritual waters. Initially, the book starts with his personal journey, and it slowly morphs from his journey to the lessons and techniques that he has garnered from a life well-lived.

The Good

Applicable Wisdom (AW)
There were so many hearty chunks of applicable wisdom, and they got better as you delved further into the book. This went against my initial impression which I’ll talk about in the “The Bad” section.

AW - Example One
There are unique meditative practices that actively train you to incorporate meditation into your minute-by-minute experience. This is fantastic.

AW - Example Two
If you don’t think that you will read the entire book, skip ahead to Chapter 14. Richard reveals a “releasing process” called “Dance of the Self.” This powerful technique took me from a moment of restless anxiety, and it transformed that state to something bordering on euphoria. It surprised me.

AW - Example Three
There were several points in the book that present ways to notice areas where someone might be preventing their own ability to grow beyond their current limitations. It did a great job of presenting the information in a reflective way that acted as a mirror for my own morals and social weaknesses.

I want to say that Richard’s editor, Edward Austin Hall, should receive a medal. This might be years of reading fanfiction speaking, but I really appreciate the fantastic editing. I didn’t find any spelling errors.

There were intentional grammatical mistakes. However, they made the writing better rather than worse. Sometimes, it is better to follow the spirit of language rather than following the hard rules of grammar.

The Bad

The Initial Impression
During the first part of the book, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. Initially, it appeared that this book was going to be a self-transformation story infused with the common philosophies of the spiritual community. The common teachings are great. However, I’ve grown a little tired of reading rehashed content. This book was different. It added to the spiritual discussion rather than rebranding the old material.

You’re probably asking why this is in the bad section. The reason is that a lot of people don’t get past the initial impressions. If I wasn’t committed to finishing the book, I might have put it down before finding the gold hidden in the proceeding chapters. I am not going to knock the book down for this because this “complaint” is primarily born from a personal preference for dense material.

Intended Audience
This book is for those that consider themselves spiritual, but not religious. Personally, I believe that the information in this book applies to everyone, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is going to want to hear it. This might not be for you if you have a personal belief system that “needs defending.” I’m not trying to offend anyone; I just don’t want any of you to buy something that you don’t want. This book is not confrontational; it merely conflicts with several belief systems.

Depending on what you believe about how the world works, you might be turned off by some of the claims in this book. Whenever you mix martial arts and mystical experiences, you inevitably come across stories of masters that perform physical feats through spiritual means.

The Rating
I am giving this book a 4 out of 4 stars. There were many profound insights into human behavior. The meditation practices have already proven to be useful. Most of the book was dense with material. Finally, the writing was natural and edited beautifully. The only gripe that I had was based on personal preference. This book is now in my top 10 list in all categories, and it is in my top five in spiritually-related material. I was totally and pleasantly surprised.

The Unbound Soul
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