Official Review: A New American Evolution by Mark Landau

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Official Review: A New American Evolution by Mark Landau

Post by EmunahAn »

[Following is an official review of "A New American Evolution" by Mark Landau.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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A New American Evolution by Mark Landau is a passionate appeal to Americans and people of other nationalities to change the course of their societies through better leadership, governance and business policies. Landau encourages the adopting of better practices that benefit everyone especially the lower class that has been largely ignored. He also emphasizes the importance of developing environmental sustainability efforts. The book points out the corruption that has infiltrated every area of our society including politics, business and our belief systems and it traces back history to identify past invalid deviations. Solutions are suggested and one that stands out is the rise of human beings to higher levels of being whose focus is more on values and not materialism.

What stood out for me largely in the book was the way the author relays his message. The tone is that of urgency which made me stop and think deeply about the writer’s words. A New American Evolution left me with the need to act. The passion behind Mark Landau’s words propels the reader to react quickly to save the future of their community and nation.

I also appreciated that the author encourages love and empathy in the book as some of the key drivers of initiating change. Acts of greed and the need to surmount unreasonable amounts of wealth are discouraged in the book while the topic on the plight of many citizens living in squalor conditions with politicians focusing on their own interests is also explored. Landau also shines light on the failure of the relevant legislation policies on various matters such as drugs and prostitution.

Even though the message is primarily directed to an America audience, I feel that most of the themes of the book can be applied in other parts of the world and even benefit other readers. With the leadership crisis worldwide and the continuous rise in the greed for material wealth with little consideration for the less fortunate, a message that encourages the demand for better conditions by the masses where leaders and citizens are focused on improving everyone’s living conditions and sustaining the environment is definitely crucial.

The book is brief and to the point. The author touches on various topics and offers possible solutions. He also points out some organizations that have been taking steps in the right direction. Rhetorical questioning is also used to provoke thought and encourage the reader to view particular matters from various points of view. It is thoroughly edited too. I rate A New American Evolution 4 out of 4 stars.

A New American Evolution
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Adebayo David
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Post by Adebayo David »

Very nice book the author let us no about felling for someone teach how to behaves in this book of A new American evolution I learn a lot of things is very amazed to me can't wait to get this lovely book

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Post by kandscreeley »

I think there is an urgency for us to act. I appreciate that the author is brief and to the point. Plus, he offers solutions not just points out the problems. Sounds great! Thanks.
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Post by gali »

A non-fiction book urging people to act to save the world sounds thought-provoking. It is good that the author encourages love and empathy and offers solutions as well. It must be a good book if it left you left with the need to act.
Not for me, but I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the review!
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Post by Scerakor »

I love that this book does extend beyond the American borders, and tackles issues such as climate change, dispersion of wealth, and sustainability.

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Amanda Deck
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Post by Amanda Deck »

The lower classes are NOT ignored. There are all sorts of ways for them to get help. There's government help, church help and private party help. I've been on both sides of this and I know it's true. I'm also not one who believes those with more should be legally obligated to help those with less. Morally obligated, perhaps, yes. I know many who help as much as they can: taking in the destitute, taking in abused children, donating money and goods. So reading how anyone who has anything is evil and must have their lives stolen and given to those who, often through their own choices, have nothing, aggravates me horribly.

I do believe books like this are helpful in pointing out problems and offering solutions. But getting in people's faces and screaming it's all their fault isn't conducive to getting things done. All those who help only feel devalued and ineffectual, those who don't care still don't.

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Post by Ferdinand_otieno »

This is a though-provoking education non-fiction book that pleads the world to change societal vices and poor leadership in order to save the world. The book is temporarily free on Amazon Kindle and has an inciteful OnlineBookClub review. Congrats @Landau_Mark on the BOTD selection.

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Post by Amy+++ »

While the author does make some good points, this book isn't my genre. Great review.

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Post by Lib - »

As a former politics major years ago with a BA in politics, this book is a book I should read. The review was excellent and I would like to read the entire work.

Lib -

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Post by aacodreanu »

"Leadership crisis worldwide" is what stood out most from the review. I had noticed it before and I salute the fact that somebody decided that it was bad, among other bad events in present America and worldwide. The review gives useful information as to what the book is about.
I only wish that it had an impact and that it would change the world for the better.

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Post by bb587 »

I appreciate the message of values over possessions. Fill your heart more than you fill your pockets. Still, it seems like it's pointing a strong finger at people that have things. My family skimps on some things so that we can save for others. We don't feel like we owe that savings to those that have squandered. I'm not sure if this book makes that distinction.

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Emy Katherine
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Post by Emy Katherine »

The book points out the corruption that has infiltrated every area of our society including politics, business and our belief systems and it traces back history to identify past invalid deviations. Solutions are suggested and one that stands out is the rise of human beings to higher levels of being whose focus is more on values and not materialism.

Well, it sounds a thought-provoking read that will appeal to fans of non-fiction books. Unfortunately, this is not my genre, so I will pass on this one. I got my copy, though. Thank you for the detailed review!

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Post by Everydayadventure15 »

It’s great to know that the author offers solutions and encourages the reader to consider the plight of those less fortunate. The fact that he could deliver this message in a straightforward and to the point manner is also a plus.

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Post by Fazzier »

A book that not only expose but also offer solutions to some of the ills in the society such as corruption and bad governance sounds like a resourceful read. Since the issues addressed are universal, I can't wait to read this! Thank you for this wonderful review!

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Stephanie Elizabeth
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Post by Stephanie Elizabeth »

I am happy that this book can be understood by those who are not American; I am Canadian and sounds like I could relate to the author's message. I like that the author tackles various topics like environment and the plight of living in the lower class. Seems like a great book for all people to read. Thanks for the great review!

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