Review by raqstar1 -- If Life Stinks, Get Your Head Outt...

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Review by raqstar1 -- If Life Stinks, Get Your Head Outt...

Post by raqstar1 » 12 Nov 2018, 18:15

[Following is a volunteer review of "If Life Stinks, Get Your Head Outta Your But's" by Mark L. Wdowiak.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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If Life Stinks, Get Your Head Outta Your Buts is one of those reminders that most people will need at one point or another in their life. It takes the author’s experiences and turns them into learning opportunities. The book is broken into short, relatable chapters that essentially remind you that your life is your own and no one else’s. It tells you in no uncertain terms that if you want a change in your life, then you will have to get off your butt and make the change for yourself.

The book walks you through some of the more common misnomers that we all have about ourselves, what we owe to ourselves, as well as what we do or don’t owe others. It expands on some of the more common sayings that we hear throughout our lives and helps to break them into relatable ideas. Although there are not a lot of new or mind-blowing ideas, the information is all presented in a way that makes you think about your values, your wants, your thoughts, your actions, and your overall goals.

I found this book to be a good reminder of many lessons I’ve learned throughout my years. I related to many of the author’s stories and found myself thinking back to experiences that I have gone through and how they have shaped and molded my life. This book came to me at a time when I was already evaluating many negatives in my life and trying to figure out how to make those areas more positive. I realized that much of my thinking had gone toward what others had done to me or who I could blame for different circumstances. This book was that ‘Aha moment’ when I realized that no one else is to blame because I am the only one who let myself get into the situations that I am in.

One particular area that is dealt with in the book is becoming your own motivator. If you can’t motivate yourself to do something then no one else can either. This made me think back to one of my many weight loss attempts. I joined a gym and thought I would rely on someone else to push me. The first week was great. One day in the second week, my trainer didn’t show up and the next day, neither did I. I kept telling myself, well if he doesn’t care then why should I? News flash: Why does he care if I’m overweight? If he’s getting paid then he’s happy. I’m the one who’s got to lug around all the extra pounds and be out of breath! So midway through this book, I joined a weight loss group. I can’t tell you if I will make it through or not, but let’s just say that this book gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get off my rump and take control of my own life.

Although it was helpful for me, I don’t think that this book is for everyone. If you are someone who needs a step by step guide on how to better yourself, then this is not for you. If you feel like the world owes you something just because you are alive, then this book will not resonate well with you. But if you are at a point in your life where you are trying to dig out of a hole and need to get some perspective, then this book is probably a good one to grab.

Overall, this book was well written and had a nice flow. It was easy to follow and stayed on topic. There were very few spelling or grammatical errors. I found it to be well edited, well thought through and a helpful read. For these reasons, I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.

If Life Stinks, Get Your Head Outta Your But's
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Post by Rambokifaru » 06 Feb 2019, 13:31

The review is quite good.

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