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Review by Ravinder+Kaur -- Roadmap to the End of Days

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Roadmap to the End of Days" by Daniel Friedmann.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Roadmap to The End of Days: Demystifying Biblical Eschatology To Explain The Past, The Secret To The Apocalypse And The End of the World by Daniel E. Friedmann-- the name itself suggests the subject matter contained within the book. It is about the roadmap regarding the divine plan for humanity using the Bible as blueprint and the history of the world. The author has cleverly shown that the two have always been connected, giving us the impression that history repeats itself and on this premise is based the arguments in this book.

The book begins with an analogy about entering a glass maze. The purpose of the maze is to find an exit which somehow keeps getting elusive as you move forward because just as you take a turn and see the exit, the glass reflects back and you are back in the middle, going around again, sort of repeating the same section. But if you observe the maze from above you get a better perspective and can easily spot the exit. In the same way, if we observe the pattern of history, we can see where and what historical events have repeated time and again. Here Friedmann asks questions whether we can determine where we are right now and what pattern is unfolding before us? Can we find an exit and is there more than one way to get there? Well, I liked that the author asks you questions in the middle of the narrative and sets you thinking. No wonder it took me a while to finish the book because I had to take a pause to find my own answers.

Daniel Friedmann has done extensive study about the origin of the Universe and life on Earth. His work on reconciling the Biblical account with scientific observation using his Biblical clock formula has been quite acclaimed in the vast media. This is the third book in the series of Inspired Studies, the previous two being The Genesis One Code and The Broken Gift.

I liked that the book is well structured with the Table of Contents, sub-titles, tables within the narrative chronicling the time period and events of history, Appendices at the back, Glossary and endnotes. As a non- Christian, I thought it would be difficult for me to understand the Biblical/Jewish versions of Eschatology but as I proceeded I found it easy to grasp. I quite agree with Friedmann that history repeats itself. There's a natural order that the Cosmos follows-- the seasons follow a cycle, the day always follows the night. Even according to Hindu Eschatology there's a cycle of the four Yugas (or Eras)--The Satya Yuga ( Age of wisdom and truth), The Treta Yuga ( Silver Age) The Dwapar Yuga ( Copper Age) and Kaliyuga (an unspiritual age of ignorance, sin and short lifespan - the age we are in now). After the end of Kaliyuga, the cycle will repeat and Satya Yuga will begin.And that's what we see happening, even according to Friedmann's theory or prophecy, the preparation for the End of Days has begun, what with the Global warming, wars,pollution, natural disasters, scarcity of water and so on and on.

I also liked that Friedmann has based his theories on facts and figures. However, there's a controversial issue about the disclaimer that he has added towards the end of the book. He says it's up to the reader to accept or not to accept his theory about the apocalypse. Well, the various -isms in the world have various theories about their existence but surely they must also be having some theory about the end of this existence? At a micro level, we live in and leave a temporary abode the way we checked-in- - clean, clutter-free, peacefully. Same perspective can be used at a macro level-- prepare to leave this world as it was created. This is what this book is all about and exactly for this reason I liked it and give it four out of four stars. I believe it can be helpful to everyone who are disciplined and like to prepare for a journey well in time.

Roadmap to the End of Days
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