Review by Ehartl -- Roadmap to the End of Days

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Review by Ehartl -- Roadmap to the End of Days

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Roadmap to the End of Days" by Daniel Friedmann.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Daniel Friedmann’s book Roadmap to the End of Days is a non-fiction exploration into the timeline of the end of human history as described in the Bible. Friedmann gives his uniquely spiritual theory of the end of the world in a neat and well-organized package. This book, as a whole, is well-written and coherent, as well as understandable to the average reader.

In this book, Friedmann explains that the end of human history, known as the End of Days, is near. The End of Days has been a concern in the past, but due to humans’ free will, the inevitable second coming of the Messiah has been thwarted multiple times. However, there is a “default” plan for the second coming, and that plan has been set into motion and will take effect in the next few hundred years. Friedmann contends that the next few hundred years is the real End of Days because of what can be seen in the pattern of human history.

Friedmann puts together a compelling argument for the End of Days and why all of history’s predictions for this time have been wrong. The focus of the book is the blueprint for history regarding the End of Days. In other words, religious books such as the Bible can give us clues as to when the End of Days will happen, but because humans have free will, the path that leads to this time may not be set in stone. Friedmann backs up his theories with evidence from the Bible, the Qur’an, and the Torah, making the theories more credible. Friedmann also explains the origins and people of the Bible and how it relates to the End of Days. He makes it simple for the average reader to follow along with the timeline of events and become immersed in the subject.

Although this book is a compelling read, it leaves certain questions lingering about what some have been taught about the afterlife. For example, Christians believe that there is a Heaven and a Hell where humans’ souls reside after death. Friedmann, on the other hand, argues that when the dead are resurrected, every human who has ever walked the Earth will be with God in paradise. In Friedmann’s book, there seems to be no reconciliation between these two beliefs. In addition, only half the book is focused on the explanation of Friedmann’s theories on the timeline of the End of Days. The other half of the book is devoted to appendices, a glossary, and end notes. These additional materials are helpful in understanding the theories explained in the book, but Friedmann explains everything so well in the text that the appendices and glossary seem unnecessary.

Overall, I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. It was well-written and organized, and the arguments for the content were interesting and kept the reader wanting more. The only downside to the book was that I wish there was more of the text rather than appendices and end notes. I would definitely read more works by this author.

Roadmap to the End of Days
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