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Re: Official Review: Awaken you wonderful we: How do we creat...

Post by Wilkister94 » 06 Jun 2019, 09:00

Awaken You Wonderwful We by Van Duy Dao is a great science fiction book that I will love to read. Your review is so amazing and convincing. I will consider reading this book.
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Renu G
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Post by Renu G » 06 Jun 2019, 09:01

The "we" in the title of this book immediately captured my attention. Sounds very interesting. Hope I'll be able to read it too. Thanks for the great review!

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Post by Han26+ » 06 Jun 2019, 09:04

This sounds like a really interesting book to read. I like the idea of the author coming up with a sort of traditional medicine Theory of Everything, and the inclusion of song lyrics and so on sounds cool too. I may utilise his suggestions in my own lifestyle once I’ve read it.

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Post by bb587 » 06 Jun 2019, 09:05

This book sounds very dense. I appreciate how thorough the author was in regards to research and citations, but sometimes the point one is trying to make can get lost in the fact-sharing. Also, I'm not currently interested in reading about medicine.

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Post by Washboard » 06 Jun 2019, 09:07

Sounds like an interesting read. Those poor rabbits though...
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Post by amberether2016 » 06 Jun 2019, 09:07

I would have normally just overlooked this book, but after reading your review, I think I'm going to have to give this one a try. Although I'm not too much into religion and philosophical books, I feel as if this one might be interested. Good review!

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Post by lcondit » 06 Jun 2019, 09:09

This book sounds intriguing, but definitely not light reading. It sounds as if it may try to do many things at once, and I am always wary of books that have "the answer" to reality. A one page chart that explains everything? Really? However, it might be worth checking out when I'm in the mood for philosophical thinking.

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Post by harrypotter_chef » 06 Jun 2019, 09:13

While I’ll have to pass on this book, it seems like a great book for those searching for answers beyond what they are already told.

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Post by Janalyn101 » 06 Jun 2019, 09:21

I admire you for just getting through this book! This doesn’t seem like my type of book although I would have been happy to read it if it Eden been 15 hours long. This was a great review and give me a better perspective on what the book is about. Thanks for the review!

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Post by MsTri » 06 Jun 2019, 09:23

Thanks for the review, but I dislike self-help books, ESPECIALLY tomes about alternative medicine and healing, so this one's a 'no' for me.

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Post by AntonelaMaria » 06 Jun 2019, 09:30

Great job on reviewing such a complex book. I don't know how good I would be in understanding such a subject and for it to be an overwhelming read even before reading it I already feel the pressure.

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Post by Laura_Sumstad » 06 Jun 2019, 09:35

Seems like a deep and complex book that covers a lot of different topics. Thanks for the review.

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Post by Sachel_Debrosse » 06 Jun 2019, 09:38

I'm started to practice yoga and books centering on Eastern and even African means of healing are vital. Many don't realize the importance of spiritual healing for the body. For the body to be healthy so does the mind. Although based off your review it seemed the author could have refined his main points.

Nuel Ukah
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Post by Nuel Ukah » 06 Jun 2019, 09:40

This seems like a great guide to treating the root cause of various illnesses. I think it's worth reading.

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Post by Mantha1 » 06 Jun 2019, 09:43

I trust this book is going to be enlightening, especially to those who are open-minded. However, I am one of those who get tired of long reads so I'd pass. Good job on the review.

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