Official Review: Misreading Judas by Robert Wahler

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Re: Official Review: Misreading Judas by Robert Wahler

Post by KADIRISALIFU » 19 Dec 2018, 07:09

This is an interesting well and helpful subject by robert wahler i like the authors book,is nice and it's also religious teaching. i love it so much in 100% all aspect of the book i enjoy it i am so excited for the excellent review thank you .

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Post by sonya01 » 19 Dec 2018, 07:17

Thank you, Eva, for this thorough and informative review of what sounds like a very complicated subject. I really enjoy alternative books that propose theories outside of the mainstream, and so I look forward to taking a closer look at this one. Great review.

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Post by LiamJH98 » 19 Dec 2018, 07:18

I like how this book opened up the possibility to Judas not just being seen as 'the bad guy'. There is definitely a complexity to the content of his character and I am intrigued by the author's findings, particularly about Judas being a Messiah.

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Post by bb587 » 19 Dec 2018, 07:19

Faith is very important to me. While I don't believe the whole bible should be taken literally, I do believe Jesus was the son of God. God has sent others to help and guide us, but Jesus was a league of his own. This book seems researched and convincing, but it's not something I'm interested in reading.

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Post by KADIRISALIFU » 19 Dec 2018, 07:32

Misleading judas writing by robert wahler is educative book ,i so much have concerned with the book, because of the stylish well organised by robert wahler nice review.

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Post by fndirangu20 » 19 Dec 2018, 07:37

Nice review but allow me to pass on this one. I respect peoples beliefs and their perspectives.

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Post by Ruba Abu Ali » 19 Dec 2018, 07:39

This is an intriguing book for fans of this genre. Thank you for the thorough review.

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Post by Ferdinand_otieno » 19 Dec 2018, 07:48

This is a religeous non-fiction book that takes a unique analysis on the bible and mysticism as awhole. The book has an inciteful OnlineBookClub review. I rated the book 3 out of 4 stars. Congrats on being the BOTD.
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Post by abbiejoice » 19 Dec 2018, 07:51

What this book needs is evidence that the source document from which it is based has greater authenticity the Gospels and the other books in the Bible that it may contradict. Without it, it is a dangerous read.

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Post by Sirajuddin » 19 Dec 2018, 07:58

Robert Wahler, the author of this book "Misreading Judas," tried to prove his point of view regarding a controversial subject in the Christian world, that the true essence of the text "Gospel of Judas " not at all understood by the theological experts. The author tried to reveal the secrets behind the gnostic teachings.

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Post by sszb » 19 Dec 2018, 07:58

A nonfiction religious book that analyse bible in a unique way. Sounds really intriguing. Unfortunately religious books are not the books i enjoy reading. Congrats on being BOTD 💐💐👍🏻👍🏻💐💐
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Post by sarik » 19 Dec 2018, 08:01

You can see and read then noticed that points.

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Post by Misael » 19 Dec 2018, 08:07

It looks interesting; it offers a new perspective on Judas' role in Jesus' life. However, I am not into this type of novel. Congrats to the author for the positive comments his book generated, though.

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Post by Amy+++ » 19 Dec 2018, 08:21

I am sure that many people will find this fascinating, but this book is not for me. I can't get into a book that has to do about religion since I am not religious.

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Post by Kendra M Parker » 19 Dec 2018, 08:23

This certainly looks like an interesting evaluation of some difficult concepts. There are some interesting ideas to explore here, but it definitely is something that has the potential to challenge people in their ideas of Christian history.

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