Official Review: Misreading Judas by Robert Wahler

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Re: Official Review: Misreading Judas by Robert Wahler

Post by Alice89 » 20 Dec 2018, 04:24

"Wahler is not entirely alone in his progressive positions. Some cursory research on my part revealed that there is growing consensus among religious scholars for Wahler’s view of Judas as beloved and obedient disciple, rather than betrayer. The author’s belief in the succession of Masters is, however, another story. This is where he is out on a limb. Save non-Christians and very progressive theologians, support for this conclusion is less enthusiastic, to be sure."

Judging from this excerpt from the review above, one may indeed be convinced that Judas is actually James the just. Looking at it from our everyday perspective, it is difficult to believe that someone who was that close to Jesus would actually betray him. It will be easier for such a person to take the fall for Jesus instead but then, friends do betray each other. It therefore follows that Judas might also have betrayed Jesus.

However, I am open minded and I do believe that the author's assertion might be correct. This is a very insightful review and I completely love it.

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Post by a9436 » 20 Dec 2018, 04:40

I have not heard of the gnostic texts but find the work of such scholars fascinating. During my childhood I was taught the story of Judas as if it were fact and as an adult this makes me uncomfortable - I appreciate seeing new analyses and research being done in this area. Thanks for your review.

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Post by stopherwere » 20 Dec 2018, 04:44

The challenge of our forefathers in this book is intriguing.Robert whaler writes that there was this gnostic succession called mastership succession.This masters must have then been recognized by what they brought to the table, though i can not stop to say that it's like being lost in darkness with only a burning candle and one has to find a way out before it burns out.Thanks for an excellent review.

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Post by The-happy-reader-7 » 01 Apr 2019, 17:33

While the premise of the book is genuinely interesting, i do not agree with the assertion that Jesus did not die for our sins. The very purpose of his life was one of self sacrificial love. The theory that judas was james is controversial as judas died when he hung himself versus james who died at the hands of the Pharisees who threw him of a cliff, stoned him and cracked his skull. I would still read this book to further examine the author's theories and findings. This is a great review which has piqued my interest.

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Post by Tumi02 » 05 Apr 2019, 19:34

Being someone who is not affiliated with any religious group myself, I’m quite open to arguments that challenge the traditional views that are often practiced in big religions. This is particularly of interest to me, I’m definitely one to be persuaded into a new way of thinking. Great review.👍

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Post by Adedayo+23 » 14 Apr 2019, 13:58

Another angle to a rather controversial part of biblical history. A very intriguing read. Might check it out. Thanks for the review.
"Destiny struggles to reassert the pattern that was meant to be." ~ Lightning by Dean Koontz :tiphat:

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Post by evraealtana » 15 Apr 2019, 09:14

Interesting. I'm not sure anyone really knows what really happened from so long ago, especially since so little evidence survived, but I'd love to hear this author's take and supporting arguments. I'm looking forward to this being the Book of the Month. Thank you for your review!

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Post by catheyrbayless » 21 Apr 2019, 14:23

I have heard similar theories about Judas’ relationship with Jesus, but not having studied Gnostics in First Century Palestine, I tend to think along the lines of the Fathers of the Church because the story they lay out rings true in my life.

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Post by Kashosi » 23 Apr 2019, 05:23

wow great review. its invites the reader to know more that what the Bible has presented before the coming out of the translation he got

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Post by Ellylion » 23 Apr 2019, 16:27

I really would like to read this book, because it shows the well known facts about Jesus in different light. It's worth taking into consideration that Judas' role could be a hard choice... Thank you for the excellent review!

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Post by jlrinc » 27 Apr 2019, 04:34

I have always felt that the Gospel of Judas may have been a kind of reduction ad absurdum to show the logical conclusion of believing the proto orthodox Christianity that was attacking gnostics at the time. I doubt that it was intended to be taken as a serious doctrine. The orthodox christian view that Jesus was God himself contradicts the idea that he could have been betrayed and I suspect some gnostic of using Judas a s a foil to point out the contradiction of this belief.

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Post by Stephanie Elizabeth » 01 May 2019, 05:16

EvaDar wrote:
03 Aug 2018, 16:58
Cecilia_L wrote:
03 Aug 2018, 15:01
I've never heard of this type of teaching about Judas. That part of the book sounds interesting. I know it's a controversial subject, but I don't believe Jesus Christ was merely one of many spiritual masters. However, I also respect others' beliefs. Thank you for your in-depth review.
I was challenged by aspects of this book but, like you, I am interested in diverse viewpoints. Whether true or not, it was an impressive comparative analysis. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
I agree, and am in the same position. I possess very basic knowledge and am hoping this book will open my eyes to various other viewpoints.
Great review!

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Post by Theresam » 01 May 2019, 06:04

This gives an interesting perspective on Judas. The author seems to have done a considerable amount of research on the subject. This was a very interesting and informative review

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Post by Delaney35 » 01 May 2019, 06:11

I've never heard about this train of thinking before. It sounds quite interesting.

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Post by Brendan Donaghy » 01 May 2019, 06:27

I'm fascinated by the process by which certain gospels were approved and accepted enough to be included in the New Testament, while others, like the gnostic gospels. were rejected. I'd certainly read this with an open mind and look forward to doing so. Great review!

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