Official Review: Misreading Judas by Robert Wahler

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Re: Official Review: Misreading Judas by Robert Wahler

Post by mrlefty0706 »

What if someone provided proof that our long-held beliefs about Jesus of Nazareth were incorrect? Author Robert Wahler is attempting to do just that with his 2016 non-fiction book, Misreading Judas: How Biblical Scholars Missed the Biggest Story of All Time. The author’s thesis offers a new interpretation of the relationship between Jesus and Judas. Wahler asserts the story of Judas was not a betrayal and sacrifice of Jesus at all but rather a self-sacrifice by Judas as part of the Gnostic tradition called mastership succession. The author’s research holds both Jesus and Judas in a very different light from that of orthodox religious teachings. Could Jesus really have been merely one in a succession of many spiritual Masters?

The Gnostic Gospel of Judas was likely composed by second-century Gnostic Christians. The surprisingly intact papyrus containing the text first surfaced publicly in 1970. It reveals conversations between Jesus and Judas Iscariot. Wahler claims no one has correctly translated the Gospel of Judas until his research emerged. He faults the Christian scholars who initially interpreted the text, saying they were ignorant to the Gnostic orientation necessary to adequately understand the ancient writings. In Eastern spiritual traditions, mysticism is the practice of spiritual knowing (gnosis) through meditation and other vehicles for merging with Spirit. A longtime student of Eastern mysticism, Wahler insists the story of Judas and all of the Gnostic Gospels must be interpreted through the lens of mysticism.

An interesting tale that I find hard to believe given by belief in Catholicism and the teachings of Jesus. Much better than the non-believer beliefs. God official review.
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Post by xsquare »

This seems like a very unconventional view of something which has already been studied and examined extensively throughout history, but I'm glad that the author presents and argues their case in a well-organised manner. Thanks for the great review!
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Post by Fatma Rj »

It's always interesting to know different aspects of a subject. This book is giving such a different view on mysticism. The review is pretty impressive. Like you said this is a topic worth a debate.
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Post by J_odoyo »

Orthodox religious teachings have made us to view Judas in a certain way--a betrayer. However, I'm glad that this author offers a new interpretation of the relationship between Jesus and Judas. I'm not sure whether this book is for me. Probably not. Otherwise, congrats on the BOTD.
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Post by Natalia Nazeem »

It certainly is a very interesting take on Judas, and on Christianity in general. By opening one's view to accepting that Jesus was simply one of many, it also opens the floor to think about who would work as a 'master' of sorts in today's world. It also provides a semblance of comfort in the knowledge that there is someone to help guide humanity, rather than have one key individual over 2000 years ago. The review made it sound like a very intriguing, thought-provoking book. Thank you!
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Preet 31
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Post by Preet 31 »

An intriguing religious non fiction book.
I found a new perspective and interesting premise between Jesus and judas.
Sounds very interesting.
Thanks for detailed review
Goodness C N
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Post by Goodness C N »

This book explored interesting topics that I will definitely check out. Congratulations on the book of the day.
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Post by SakthiB »

The writing of the content of the book is very interesting that brought various perspectives and increased the skills of dialecticism. Hope this will reach heights in the coming days as well.
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Post by Miraphery »

This is the first time I'm hearing this. I don't agree with the author about Jesus being merely one of the spiritual masters, however, everyone is free to air their views. Thanks for the review.
hellen gibson 1
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Post by hellen gibson 1 »

This is so interesting to read although am not familiar with the gnostic mystic theology. I like the review, good job.
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Post by Unique Ego »

Judas succeeded Jesus as Master according to Gnostic tradition? I can already tell I won't be agreeing with much in this book. Still, I don't think it'll hurt to hear other perspective in this conversation.
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Post by AtienoMagero »

Fantastic review! I'm quite interested in reading this book. I'd love to know what facts the author has to present about Judas Iscariot in this book. I do agree that one needs a level of open mindedness to read this book.
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Post by DavidOchieng »

Thanks for an informative review. I'm no expert and it seems I'd have trouble understanding this book, but it seems to make sense from a historical point of view; that Jesus was one among other masters.
Blessing E
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Post by Blessing E »

This is an interesting and unique topic,I've not read anything like this before. Even though it's a controversial subject ,I believe everyone has a right to their own opinions.congrats on botd.
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Post by Fliesie01 »

This is an interesting take on this theme, not sure I'll be able to read it. Well done on this review :tiphat:
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