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Review by Nanig83006 -- If life stinks get your head out...

Post by Nanig83006 » 06 Jul 2018, 12:43

[Following is a volunteer review of "If life stinks get your head outta your buts" by Mark L. Wdowiak.]
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Self-help books are usually positive and insightful. They give affirmations like, "you're amazing" or "think and be positive and everything will work in your favor!" Undeniably, Mark L. Wdowiak encourages the reader in a similar manner with his book. The title, If Life Stinks, Get Your Head Outta Your But’s: A No-Nonsense Guide to Happiness and Success, gives an insight of his approach. Though positivity and self-responsibility are the main theme, Wdowiak holds a tough love approach- reminding the reader it requires constant effort and work. You determine your life.

If Life Stinks, Get Your Head Outta Your But's divides into four main sections: an introduction shares Wdowiak’s style, what his book is about and his concepts, this continues on to Crawling, Walking and Running. Crawling focuses on taking self-responsibility, Walking focuses on taking control of your thoughts, and Running encourages you to get out there and be successful. Something I liked most about this book, aside from its punny title, is the author’s ideas of success. Wdowiak isn’t selling a scheme on how to get rich, to get a good job, and so on. He has the reader focus only on success. This can help any person succeed in nearly all ventures if they apply Wdowiak’s method.

Taking responsibility for your own life and actions is a simple concept, but a vital one. It's easy to feel like a victim of life. We believe others have easier lives or someone stole our opportunity. Such beliefs keep us stuck where we are. For example, Mark writes about his dream car being for sale, but didn't have the money to purchase it. Naturally, he asked his dad to let him borrow the money, claiming it would only take three months to repay him. His dad responded with if it would only take three months to make the amount needed, Wdowiak should save for those three months and another car will become available, only this time he'll be ready for it. Most would scoff at the idea and blamed dear old dad of being unfair, adding to their reality of life keeping them from their success. Instead,the author does exactly as his dad advises and, not only is he able to buy it cash, the car is better than the last one. These kinds of personal and motivational stories, quotes, and references to other books appear throughout the book.

If Life Stinks, Get Your Head Outta Your But's is an enjoyable read. I recommend it to anyone with the desire to better their life, perspective, and/or situation. I don’t normally pick up self-help books, but Wdowiak’s book stood out with its title. Not only is it clever, but the book itself contains inspirational quotes and notes, and encouragement to live better for oneself. What’s great is how Wdowiak helps his reader to understand what success is before going after it: success is infinitely different to millions of people. One person will believe money or reputation as success, others may aim to be the best version of themselves. The advice and guidelines help to understand Wdowiak’s concept while being an easy read for all.

I found almost nothing negative to say about this book. The formatting is great, simple and clean, and I came across one error. Along with the standard writing, the author includes a place to initial at the end of each chapter to make the reader accountable for their future. While I understood the reasoning behind it, the requirement to initial after every chapter felt silly. Other than these little things, I didn’t find much else off-putting. While many motivational speakers do video or audio recordings because they ramble with similar teachings, but Mark Wdowiak’s If Life Stinks, Get Your Head Outta Your But’s seamlessly translates thought to paper. And with such a witty and honest title, too!

Regardless of the few minute issues, this is easily 4 out of 4 stars. This is definitely anyone, teens and adults, hoping to better themselves or their outcomes. I raved plenty already, but the title alone is 4 stars! It's an encouraging no nonsense type of self-help. If you’re in favor of self-help books or want a fresh and positive outlook on life in order to be successful in any and all ventures—this is worth the read. Considering Wdowiak applied his concepts later in his life and was still successfully successful, says it all.

If life stinks get your head outta your buts
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Post by FictionLover » 30 Sep 2018, 21:13

I got a lot out of this book, too.

I also agree with your comment about initialing the end of the chapter, maybe if it were a paperback, but you know you are formatting an e-book. So, why not just take it out?

Great review.

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