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Re: Official Review: The Pre & Post College Student Pocke...

Post by MsTri »

Thanks for the review, but I graduated with my B.A. last century, so I surely do not need such a book. Not even my grown children are eligible for a book on pre- and/or post-college info, so I will not be either reading this or passing it on.

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Post by Rosebella »

Good review. :tiphat: I think it is a good guide book for anyone planning to join college young and old.
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Post by Sen_Suzumiya »

I'm so glad there are books like those out in the market because I know how frustrating and hard it is to be a college student in the US and some other countries as well. I believe books like those should be taught in every high school. Thank you for your review, keep up the good work.
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Post by HollandBlue »

A great guide for students and their parents regarding mainly the financial issues related to college and beyond. I found some editorial issues, like uneven spacing between words, but not enough to detract from the useful information given by the author. Thanks for your thorough review. Congrats BOTD!
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Post by Scerakor »

In today's climate, fiscal responsibility (especially that surrounding the costs of higher education and retirement planning) is not taught nearly enough. Books like this can encourage a new generation of responsible adults to actually plan for their finances through university and beyond.

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Post by Katherine Smith »

I like that this book is the book of the day because I am a post-college graduate. Most of the information that I received as a high schooler was directed towards getting into the prestigious universities like Harvard and not necessarily towards issues like preparing for life after college. I think for many people they see college as the ultimate way to get a job, but experience is now more important hence the need for extracurriculars.
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Post by JuliaKay »

I think that this book would be a great tool for high school students as well as their parents. A lot of people don't know the ins and outs of applying to colleges, essay writing, applying for financial aid, etcetera. This book could be very helpful. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Mabel6 »

I added this book to my not interested in reading shelf because I don't believe it is relevant to me at this point in my life. However, my sister is entering her freshman year of college next year in the fall so I would recommend this to her. Seems like a straightforward book with good tips!

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Post by Jmar_la »

Oh, if only I had had this kind of information to know how to prepare for college when I was in high school. I was clueless at the time and would have been helped by this book with the information even about what to do in high school to prepare for getting into college, like what activities and clubs to join which would be influential in getting accepted into college.

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Post by Laura Bach »

Every chapter is an essential tool for the student life. And since I am living it, I might as well give this book a try. It sounds resourceful.

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Post by timd »

Sounds like a good book for a student and for someone starting out in life. I will definitely look at it and pass it on to my daughter whos young and studying at the moment.

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Post by Shanna29 »

Thanks for the review. I am sure it will be a good read for teens. It will definitely help them plan their future and in money management.

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Post by Alwayz_T25 »

Hey, thanks for your review! I love that you mention that the pocket guide list different websites to expand our research. I am the kind of person that if something interests me I will do some extensive research on the subject. I am starting to wish I had a book like this when I started college, still cant wait to read it. Sounds like it will have some good information for me for my future anyway.

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Post by Laceyadams »

I don't think this book is for me though. Maybe for my kids. This could have been more useful when I was in college

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Post by Britty01 »

The nicely detailed review points out all the good features of this guide for College students and those that are contemplating College. I like self help books that contain a summary or takeaway for each chapter as this one does. It provides some useful financial, budgeting advice, career choice and saving for retirement.

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