Official Review: The Unbound Soul by Richard L. Haight [March 2019 Book of the Month]

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Re: Official Review: The Unbound Soul by Richard L. Haight

Post by Quinto » 06 Nov 2018, 00:35

I like that the novel brings out a lot of experiences that the author wants to share out with his potential readers. Though from the review, it appears it's nothing different from the other literature on spirituality. Thanks for a wonderful review.

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Post by truebookaddict » 06 Nov 2018, 00:40

The only thing I can say I agree with the author on is reincarnation. I am an Agnostic Atheist so the Christian part of his teachings would fall on deaf ears, and I'm not so sure about the New Age spirituality either. I have heard that meditation is beneficial though. So, not really sure this is for me, but I appreciate the great insight you give in your review.
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Post by Debjani Ghosh » 06 Nov 2018, 00:44

I am glad that you enjoyed reading this book, but I am neither a fan of self-help books nor of spiritual books. Hence, I will pass this one. Thanks for the detailed review.

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Post by Karencantley1 » 06 Nov 2018, 00:45

I’m sure many will find spiritual guidance and their own truth in this book, but it’s not for me I’m afraid. Thanks for such a detailed review though!

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Post by Ekta Kumari » 06 Nov 2018, 00:47

Any kind of spiritual teaching such as this inevitably comes with a caution that the person on the receiving end may or may not like it or agree with it. I think one has to maintain a thoughtful state of mind while reading or even listening to other's point of view regarding spiritual beliefs, and I agree that it is not an obligation to agree with every point. Sometimes, just learning about something new and trying to see it from different perspectives can also be a sensible and fun thing to do.

Your review is very insightful. I like that you described the book well along with touching upon your own opinions. Thanks for the review!
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Post by ianfrb77 » 06 Nov 2018, 01:01

I won't get into a debate about beliefs. I will just say I don't believe in these kinds of miracles and the fact of dreaming of a deity so specifically designed by society for ages is merely a culturally-built-up dream. However I do hope this book will give some personal enlightenment to those who see in his account a revelation and the proof of a greater force. Congrats on the author for his potentially inspirational work.
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Post by Mouricia25 » 06 Nov 2018, 01:04

It seems like a good book. However, I am not sure this is one I want to read. I hope other readers are able to get something from it.

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Post by jaliper » 06 Nov 2018, 01:06

I really liked your review. It's very engaging and comprehensive. I think I would like this book as I honestly can relate to the "what if?" questions in this book. I will definitely check this out. Thanks for the great review.

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Post by asaltares » 06 Nov 2018, 01:17

In the unbound soul, Richard L. Haight, it’s taking the best of every spiritually teaching and applying it to oneself. Unfortunately is not the kind of book that appeal to me because of my beliefs. As one martial artist to another, I congratulate you for exposing and sharing your beliefs.

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Post by Nephyz+254 » 06 Nov 2018, 01:25

As fan of self-help and spiritual books, I think this is my type. I like spiritual reads like this one and I believe that there is much that I can learn from this book. I wish would read myself.

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Post by Kibetious » 06 Nov 2018, 01:32

The book is wonderful. I appreciate the fact that the author was able to take a path that seems neutral but yet challenges every reader. I will not agree with every concept but it is worth reading. Thanks for the wonderful review.
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Post by dragonet07 » 06 Nov 2018, 01:44

I'm spiritual, but I'm not religious. I don't really subscribe to any single religion, finding about fault and truth in everything, so this book might be right for me. At the very least, I'm interested in reading about the author's unique mixture of beliefs and how he applies it to his spiritual health and everyday life. Thank you for the thorough and helpful review.
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Post by blessan » 06 Nov 2018, 01:46

The Unbound Soul by Richard L. Haight is a self-help book. Its also the book i will like to read every single day i really love it thank you so much.

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Post by kwame1977 » 06 Nov 2018, 01:47

Self help books have always been my favorite. One of such books changed my life completely. The unbound soul by Richard L. Haight is no exception. I see creativity at its peak. Thanks for a perfect review.

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Post by Life In Books » 06 Nov 2018, 01:59

I sampled the book on Amazon. This is a memoir of a spiritual journey which is very insightful. Richard L. Haight questions the traditional religion in a very logical manner and you need to be open-minded to get intrigued by this book. Cheers :) :)

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