Official Review: The Unbound Soul by Richard L. Haight [March 2019 Book of the Month]

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Res Alexis
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Re: Official Review: The Unbound Soul by Richard L. Haight [March 2019 Book of the Month]

Post by Res Alexis » 07 Feb 2019, 12:37

The way you wrote demonstrated that you were touched by the story. One who gives views about spirituality based on experiences witnessed in their lives is one I love listening to as there is realism in the facts presented. I also love such stories since it goes to show that every soul has a path way to God if there is true sincerity in an individual's salutations.

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Post by Elsereen » 07 Feb 2019, 14:08

The review it self sounds so captivating, what more of the book? felt like am consuming the whole book, and I will like to read the book to gasp the bigger picture of the meditation techniques, and the inspirational tough in the book

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Post by ChydeanmahE95 » 09 Feb 2019, 09:47

I am intrigued at how the writer combines Christianity, meditation techniques, health, and Japanese culture in one book. I do hope it is as interesting as it sounds. I identify as a christian but I also love practicing other beliefs and traditions.
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Post by audreyspency » 09 Feb 2019, 23:45

Things that make you go hmm... I'm interested to see what's in the book that is worth a ponder. I like reading about others' spiritual insights and viewpoints. Doesn't mean I have to agree with them, it just interests me how people think. Each to their own, I'd say.

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Chrystal Oaks
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Post by Chrystal Oaks » 10 Feb 2019, 17:32

I want to read this book based on the title and cover. After reading your review, I definitely want to read The Unbound Soul. Haight sharing his dream from Jesus surprised me. I say this because my mom had an experience with Jesus when she 21 years old; no one believed her except me. I plan on reading this book next. Thank you for the thorough review.


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Post by Timidio » 10 Feb 2019, 19:52

To me I find the book zealous and inspiring to a free thinker like me it helps a lot and transform my motion of mind .

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Post by Chikari » 11 Feb 2019, 01:35

This book sounds like a super neat read! It is definitely something I'd normally read, so I'll be checking it out.
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Post by KSaxer » 11 Feb 2019, 07:43

The review has made me curious enough to want to read this book. I would like to see what the author has to say about spirituality and compare it to my own belief.

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Post by Breehayes » 11 Feb 2019, 10:28

This is a very nice review with a good recommendation

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Post by Delaney35 » 11 Feb 2019, 12:58

Thank you for the helpful review. I am usually not much of self-help book person, however it sounds like this is an excellent one and maybe worth reading. I think that having an introduction to the author will help me appreciate that book more since it sets up a personal narrative right from the start instead of just advice.

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Post by Xoh-jay » 11 Feb 2019, 15:00

I really love it particularly the spiritual aspects of it, I will encourage other that May like to read the book

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Post by _Delly_01 » 11 Feb 2019, 20:56

I've never read a self help book before, and I don't intend to read one, but you have definitely intrigued me. Your review is in-depth, and the effort you have put into researching the author's personal life journey shows how much you enjoyed this read. What I like most about your review is how you've been considerate of other people's religions, indicating what might be readily accepted and what won't, but shown the degrees to which it might still be helpful-- such as the diet changes and meditation you have undertaken yourself. You have provided a balanced and honest review, and I enjoyed reading it.

Thank you. :)

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Post by BelleReadsNietzsche » 11 Feb 2019, 23:33

This is a great review! I appreciate the detail. These kinds of books are often very hit-or-miss for me. I am not immediately grabbed to read it and may find it redundant when taken with some other books I have read, but who am I to begrudge this specific individual telling his story?

I probably will read it because it is going to be the BotM. Thanks for helping me know what to expect!
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Post by Dic45ta » 12 Feb 2019, 02:58

Religion has always been an emotional spot in my life which I find difficult to talk about so I genuinely commend the author for visiting that part of his personal space and inspiring lives with it. Thanks for the review, it was very detailed.

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Post by imshaima » 12 Feb 2019, 09:55

It intrigues me to learn about other people's spiritual journey. Even if I don't completely agree on some points but I find it refreshing to learn different perspective on certain topics especially when it comes to beliefs. Not to mention, it is a very sensitive topic. I have had added this book to my 'want to read' list a while ago and would like to read it soon. Thank you for the review.
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