Review by Riszell -- And Then I Met Margaret by Rob White

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Review by Riszell -- And Then I Met Margaret by Rob White

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[Following is a volunteer review of "And Then I Met Margaret" by Rob White.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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And Then I Met Margaret by Rob White is a non-fiction book about the author's life journey, stories of his own experiences, encounters and opportunities that help him understand himself and the meaning of true fulfillment in life. Rob is a very successful real estate entrepreneur and restaurateur who felt like there is still something missing in his life despite his thriving endeavor and prosperity. When he felt this emptiness, he decided to search for gurus and experts who could help him understand life better and experience deep inner satisfaction. Although he met many great thinkers, Rob would realize, at some later time that people he encountered even on the most ordinary day could provide inspiring wisdom and discernment and could even be the most influential of unexpected gurus in life.

I can easily say that this is a diverting book. There are many quotable phrases I wanted to highlight. It was mentioned at the introduction that the timeline sometimes go back to the past then back again to the present, but really, it's not confusing at all. Still, it's very thoughtful of the author to point this out and give notice for other readers who might find that confusing or those who do not like that type of writing. I also like that the full words for the abbreviation are stated, like Doctor of Life for DOL. It is very helpful for readers like me who are not very familiar with such abbreviations and to avoid confusion of similar abridgment that might be used in place of different words or name. I also appreciate that he took the time to define terms such as "flagging" in a simple and brief manner that it wouldn't distract you from the main topic.

This book is captivating in a way that most, if not all his stories are somehow similar to what everyone or almost everyone also encountered. While reading, you would find that you were once in the same situation but in totally different scenario. I couldn't help but compare and note the actions and reactions I made and how they affected me then and now. There are lots of contemplation and learning experience just from reading this book. I love its contents and the matters treated in this written work. I admire the author for having a good heart, not just for sharing his wonderful stories, but also for the fact that every time he's doing something illicit in his stories, even the tiniest of wrong, he was able to write sincerely what his conscience dictates, feeling immediately guilty about his misbehavior then learning from it and not doing it again. You could learn from his good attitude. I could say that he has written this book very well as you could actually feel the sincerity and truthfulness of his words reflect his attitude.

Even the ordinary events or dull scenario almost everyone also encounters are written in such entertaining manner that you won't find it boring. He gave succinct explanations for those transformational moments. He succeeded in being funny that being in desperate and tortured scenes are lighter than it should be, that if I were in his shoes, I know I'd be very nervous. He also made a jeering for himself in one of the chapters. The exaggeration at some parts were expressed properly at interesting scenes. The book is very creatively written, it is so fun to read. There are times that I felt like I was reading a children story book designed for adults. I also love that each story came by chapter. I felt like I finished a whole book in every chapter for each has different but concise stories. The words used are simple enough and easy to understand. I finished it in one sitting only.

I found minimal typographical errors such as missing quotation marks and spaces and also redundant use of article or affixes. Nonetheless, they are inconspicuous.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. The book is really inspiring and entertaining and has a positive outcome. I recommend it to everyone to enlighten and remind us of different life lessons. It is highly recommended to motivate oneself to strive not just for success in money but also for a happy, contented life.

And Then I Met Margaret
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