Official Review: How to Build an Enduring Marriage

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Official Review: How to Build an Enduring Marriage

Post by EmunahAn » 17 Apr 2018, 04:43

[Following is an official review of "How to Build an Enduring Marriage" by Karen Budzinski.]
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If you are like me, you probably do not like being told that you cannot change your spouse or that you should be the one to change. It is always easier to place the blame on someone else and expect them to change. Still, it is such a frustrating perspective as experience has taught us that people rarely change out of coercion. For us to be truly happy, we can only change ourselves and our role in relationships.

How to Build an Enduring Marriage by Karen Budzinski is a book written from a Christian perspective on matters relating to marriage. Budzinski’s book is written mostly for women who would want to see their marriages succeed. The book covers various topics that revolve around, cultivating a godly character, effective communication, giving up control, role-play, change, having the spirit of joy throughout marriage life as well as other insightful themes.

One of the things that stood out for me in the book, How to Build an Enduring Marriage, is the fact the author appreciates women’s concerns. She does not just brush them off. Instead, she recognizes them but offers an alternative to having a critical mindset. The alternative, in this case, is to focus on your spouse’s strengths. This frees the relationship off of strain and gives the other partner the liberty to express themselves. As Karen Budzinski puts it, “Some behaviors do not change, but our attitudes can.” Further, she asks the reader to be realistic and to remember that their fulfillment comes from God alone.

The information contained in How to Build an Enduring Marriage is also expansive covering many important areas of marriage. Budzinski’s advice is wholesome and reflects on the institution of marriage from a spiritual, emotional, financial, social and physical outlook. There is not any form of interaction between spouses that the author does not address. Her advice is also backed by scriptural passages from the Bible. To give the message even greater depth, Karen Budzinski adds real-life illustrations sometimes including her own experience of marriage, as well. These stories along with the advice in the book ultimately create an impactful read.

The author’s message is also current and recognizes the challenges that face marriages in today’s world. Every reader needs to connect the message of a non-fiction book to their world, I am no exception. In this aspect, the themes contained in How to Build an Enduring Marriage are on point and directly relate to what we go through or what we see happening around us. I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars and I recommend it to any woman who would love to truly build an enduring marriage.

How to Build an Enduring Marriage
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Post by SABRADLEY » 19 Apr 2018, 23:37

I am glad to hear that the topics are considered in today's light; couples did not face the same issues in marriage in biblical times! I like that the author is realistic, advising the reader to focus on ourselves, which is the only thing we truly can control. Thank you for a wonderful and enlightening review :)

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Post by kandscreeley » 20 Apr 2018, 07:25

It's interesting to me that this is written mostly to women. I guess women need help as well, but I'm more interested in books that approach the subject with both husband and wife in mind. I think we should work on our marriages together as a couple, but that's just me. Thanks.
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Post by Libs_Books » 20 Apr 2018, 15:41

kandscreeley wrote:
20 Apr 2018, 07:25
I think we should work on our marriages together as a couple, but that's just me. Thanks.
Good point. I also agree with the opening sentence of the review: it's true to say that we can't change other people, we can only change ourselves. Nevertheless, I do think it takes two to build a solid and successful marriage.

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Post by crediblereading2 » 20 Apr 2018, 16:27

I will recommend this book to all married couples, especially those experiencing marital difficulties. They should try to purchase a copy of this book because the author has provided real and down to earth answers to their burning issues.

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Post by stacie k » 20 Apr 2018, 19:42

I love the concepts presented in this book! The fact that it is backed up by both scripture and personal examples make it even more appealing. I would read and recommend this book! Thanks for a great review!
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Post by qsusan » 21 Apr 2018, 00:36

Good review. I like that the author neither brushes off nor belittles the concerns of women today. It is also great that she uses Scripture in writing her guide to an 'enduring marriage'.

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Post by Riszell » 22 Apr 2018, 05:53

I couldn't agree more that couples are to keep God the center of marriage. It's also great that the author addressed the dimensions of wellness for a successful and happy marriage.

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Post by Kibetious » 22 Apr 2018, 08:08

This book is needed at such a time as this when separations, divorce and dysfunctional families are on the rise. The approach may not be that good for some as it appears that women are the target here. However, I believe the author is approaching the subject from a view point that she understands well. It is true that fulfilment will not come from our partners but God.
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Post by AmySmiles » 24 Apr 2018, 14:02

I have a great marriage but always am looking for ways to improve myself, because I know that often times it's me rather than him. So I'd definitely be interested in reading this book to gain insight on how I can better myself in my relationship with my husband. Thank you for the review.
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Post by Positiveminds7 » 02 May 2018, 02:34

Aѕ thе book was writtеn in bоth christian аnd comtemporary реrѕресtivе, I fеel it might bе a little соnfuѕing tо ѕоmе readers. Hоwеvеr, i think it iѕ worth reading аѕ it соntаinѕ many аdviсе tо hеlр married wоmеn in their marriages. Frоm mу оwn реrѕресtivе оf marriage еvеn after rеаding the bооk, if уоu аѕk me 'Whаt mаkеѕ a wifе vаluаblе? Whу Dоеѕ Yоur Huѕbаnd Want To Leave Yоu?

To bе vаluаblе tо your huѕbаnd you nееd tо knоw how he thinkѕ аnd what iѕ imроrtаnt tо him. You then nееd tо try аnd givе it to him. For еxаmрlе, Evеn if you earn a lоt оf mоnеу, kеер thе hоmе ѕроtlеѕѕ, are a grеаt mother, сооk great mеаlѕ аnd trеаt уоur huѕbаnd likе a king this iѕ nоt еnоugh if thiѕ iѕ nоt what hе thinks iѕ imроrtаnt. For еxаmрlе оn thе wееkеnd hе might wаnt уоu tо gо with him to the races аnd уоu rеfuѕе because уоu hаvе to сlеаn thе hоuѕе. If hаving fun аnd rеlаxing is mоrе imроrtаnt tо уоur husband thаn a сlеаn hоuѕе уоu will not bе mееting hiѕ nееdѕ аnd уоur value will lеѕѕеn. At that mоmеnt hе wоuld еаѕilу ѕwар you fоr a wоmаn whо likes to hаvе fun.

Overall, I соmmеnd thе аuthоr. This book will help many women tо ѕtор separation or divоrсе frоm thеir huѕbаnd. Thеу will undеrѕtаnd that to gеt rid оf еmоtiоnаl diѕtаnсе, thеу muѕt bесоmе еmоtiоnаllу vаluаblе tо their husbands.

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