Official Review: Effective Leaders and Leadership

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Official Review: Effective Leaders and Leadership

Post by EmunahAn » 08 Mar 2018, 10:36

[Following is an official review of "Effective Leaders and Leadership" by Mildred Stallworth.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Who is a leader and what makes one a leader? Is leadership inborn or can it be developed or cultivated? What are the characteristics of a leader? Does having an influential position make one a leader? In the book Effective Leaders and Leadership, Mildred Stallworth demystifies the concept of leadership. She starts with a thought-provoking definition, defining an effective leader as “someone with a desire to begin a mission that is greater than what can be seen on the surface, who can visualize images, thoughts, and ideas to bring forth a vision that will improve humanity”. Every chapter that follows delves into the topic of leadership even deeper, explaining what leadership entails and how true leadership can be identified.

What I loved most about the book was that it addresses such a critical topic in our current world. In many nations across the world, there is such a disturbing trend in the break down of leadership from homes to religious arenas, the workplace, and political spheres. It is becoming harder and harder to identify true leaders who can be emulated. Still, there are great examples that are quoted in Effective Leaders and Leadership who have set the right trend.

I also found the book quite comprehensive as it touches on very many aspects of leadership and at times even suggesting practical ways that someone can grow their leadership skills. Mildred Stallworth states clearly what leadership is and what it is not. She also notes the many myths out there about leadership that many people embrace yet these perceptions do not represent what true leadership is. Over and above that, Mildred Stallworth looks at leadership from different angles. She assesses what leadership is in many different setups including the home, which I believe is the most important.

Effective Leaders and Leadership is a short book yet contains vitally important information for every leader. All of us are leaders in one way or another and we all need to learn how to be successful at leading. According to Mildred Stallworth, the leader is the vision carrier. If we are all equipped to understand what leadership is, we will be sure to go in the right direction and achieve our goals.

Regrettably, there are some aspects of the book that I did not like which made me arrive at my rating of 3 out of 4 stars. The book, Effective Leaders and Leadership contains a number of grammatical errors which were very distracting at times. The book would definitely have been a great read were it not for the errors. I would also have liked more real-life examples to have been included in the book. There are only a few instances where the author adds practical guides. Examples always tend to add to the reader’s reading experience and they keep them captivated. Overall, the message of the book is a crucial one and which any reader will find useful.

Effective Leaders and Leadership
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Post by kandscreeley » 09 Mar 2018, 08:16

Real life examples definitely would have added another level to the book. Nonetheless, this is a very appropriate topic for today's world. I don't think I'm going to read it at the moment, but I'll keep it in mind for a later time. Thanks!
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Post by Mouricia25 » 09 Mar 2018, 08:53

This is not a book I would read, however, I love your review on it.

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Post by lavellan » 09 Mar 2018, 14:35

Thanks for your review! I agree that real-life examples would help to engage readers and further support the author’s arguments. This book sounds like a must-read for people looking to obtain a leadership position.

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Post by NL Hartje » 10 Mar 2018, 01:06

This seems like a great read for companies who are restructuring their management. Thanks for this review!
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Post by Kat Berg » 10 Mar 2018, 09:02

There is a leadership test called the Hitler/Mother Theresa test. The premise is that having a charismatic personality and people who would follow you to the end of the earth is not enough to make you a "true" leader. To have a calling beyond yourself is also a part of what leadership is, but also not what makes a "true" leader. After all, Hitler had all of those qualities and then some and brought an entire nation to disaster, and his calling beyond himself was horrifying. In contrast, Mother Theresa was also a leader, had many of the same qualities as Hitler, yet she was, arguably, a sound and true leader. It sounds like this book touches, at least a little, on this kind of idea. I am curious about where she takes her arguments, but I am also put off by the grammatical issues. Thanks for your review.

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Post by Anita_Gatson » 10 Mar 2018, 17:22

Thanks for your review. Definitely a great topic and does sound like an interesting book. Not for me at this present time though.

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Post by Kalin Adi » 16 Mar 2018, 10:52

I totally agree that each of us is a leader one way or another. Therefore, we all need to learn what to do or not to do to be a great leader. I find it interesting that the author addresses the theme from different angles. Then any reader, regarding their background, can benefit from the book. Thanks for sharing your insights!

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